Fortnite Invisibility Glitch Surfaces After Update 7.40

Fortnite Invisibility Glitch After Update 7.40

A new Fortnite glitch has been discovered allowing players to be invisible while riding a Quadcrasher.

Epic Games has just concluded a major week with the release of update 7.40 and the completion of it’s Secret Skirmish event. Arguably one of the best updates of Season 7, update 7.40 has addressed demands from fans, by changing many important meta elements. From weapons to game modes, update 7.40 was a major hit and was released with perfect timing ahead of its Skirmish event.

However, a new glitch has surfaced where a player can be invisible while riding a quadcrasher. This is not the first time that quadcrashers are at the center of a major glitch. Recently, quadcrashers were seen being used by hackers, interrupting streams of major players like Tfue and Poach. They were being used to float and slam into players without being seen. This latest invisibility glitch also uses quadcrashers and rifts-to-go. The invisible glitch does not seem to be a major threat, although Epic should take action fairly quickly.

Become invisible in Fortnite using a quadcrasher and rift-to-go
Youtube BeelBool
Fortnite Invisibility

The glitch is fairly simple to perform, as a player only needs a flipped quadcrasher and a rift-to-go. It is said that the glitch works in every game mode. Below is a video from Youtuber BeelBool demonstrating how easy the glitch is to be executed.

Quadcrasher status

Epic will need to make a firm decision regarding the quadcrasher. Even though its an extremely popular vehicle in Fortnite, many of the game’s bugs originate from it. Initially thought to be used to break builds, it’s major purpose now is for long rotations. Very similar to the shopping cart, that was very buggy, the quadcrasher seems to be the culprit for many glitches and hacks. There is no word if and when this new finding will be patched.

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