Fortnite Launch Pad Stand for the Amazon Echo Dot – Dock Mount

Fortnite Launch Pad Stand for the Amazon Echo Dot Mini - Epic Games PC Gaming Xbox PS4

The Fortnite Launch Pad Stand is one of the cooler items Game Life has stumbled upon. It’s a customized item done with the Amazon Echo Dot – Dock Mount.

We’ve been seeing some cool Fortnite custom merchandise pop up on the internet. Today we stumbled upon a really cool Fortnite Launch Pad Stand that you can buy! However, it’s not a life-sized Launch Pad stand unfortunately. It’s a mini pad that’s actually animated (it lights up!). One gamer decided to take the time to put something together like this, and give collectors an item that they could put on their gaming desk, or gaming room to represent one of the games they love the most.

Description of Fortnite Launch Pad

Here’s the description for the Fortnite Launch Pad stand:

Fortnite fans, we’ve created the ONLY Launch Pad stand for the Echo Dot! You won’t find this anywhere else.
Our Fortnite inspired Launch Pad is made to perfectly fit an Amazon Echo Dot (not included). The Dot sits in the Jump Pad snug but is easy to remove. There are convenient cut-outs for your Echo Dot’s cords. Hand painted details and real wire!
MADE TO ORDER – Launch pad made specially per person. Please allow **1 – 3 weeks to make this item**. Time depends on current orders in queue. Measures 6.5 x 2 inches.

What’s cool is that the seller used an Amazon Echo Dot to get the look of the Launch Pad which is ingenuis (why didn’t I think of that!). I wonder how cheap he gets them if he’s only charging $22 for the mini launch pad. It requires a lot of work to put together and build something that can be replicated from what’s in the game.

If you’re interested in buying one email us.

The seller makes them on order so you’ll need to be patient!

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