Fortnite Leaks Of The Week


Fortnite Leaks Of The Week

Fortnite Battle Royale mode got some very interesting leaks this week. These leaks come right after the release of Season 7 started.

After the update, new files were added to the game and data miners were able find some new leaks.

The leaks come from data Miner FortTory, who’s reported plenty of leaks in the past.

The New Consumable Item

The new consumable item, as it was discovered in the files, is named  BigPoopy. However, at this point, we cannot say for sure what it does. It seems to be named after some sort of consumable that will fill the gap between Chug Jug and the Shield Potion.  Maybe this particular consumable gives 100 shield instead of 50 or 75. Also, some Fortnite fans are thinking it might give powers for a duration of time, no fall damage perhaps.

More Snow

In the new leaks, there are files named as SurfaceChanger. So maybe as we get closer to the New Year the Fortnite island might expand on snow. Snow will expand and then melt as Season 7 nears its end.

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As we previously mentioned, Fortnite Season 7 is all about the new biome and winter themes. In the leaked files, we also find files named: CastleMelt.

It appears in a particular location which has an underground location. This can lead to a possibility of melting snow near the end of season 7 while accessing the new underground location.

Winter Camos

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 also includes the new cosmetic items called the Wraps. These items are used on guns and vehicles.

There are several options, all unlockable, as players progress on the Battle Pass ladder. The leaks include some other camos that might be coming to the game in the near future. As leaked by FortTory, the file this time contains the name RedNightWinter name; this might be a new version of the famous Red Knight Skin from the first Season.

We will keep you updated with new Leaks as they are discovered.





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