Fortnite map changes, what to expect

fortnite map covered in snow map changes for V7.20

Fortnite Battle Royale has see a ton of updates to the map since the beginning of Season 7, but this new change might be the biggest yet.

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 started with a theme around Ice and Snow. The introduction of the Ice Biome was eagerly expected by fans after the relative success of the Desert Biome. The whole map in general has had ton of cosmetic changes since Season 1. When Season 7 was introduced, a major location, Polar Peak came with the Ice Biome. By far the highest location on the map, Polar Peak also hosted the Infinity Blade before being vaulted. A major event is set to unfold with Polar Peak being the center of attention.

A new event is set to unfold as TVs around the map are broadcasting Weather Warnings. This takes players back to Season 4 when Tv’s displayed warning broadcasts with a countdown. Eventually a meteor hit and Dusty Divot was introduced. These new Tv warnings can only mean one thing. Fortnite is going to get another huge map change.

fortnite tv countdown season 7

The season 7 trailer also showed characters watching TV. The closest theory is a snow covered map, which players had seen for less then 48hours over the holidays. Was that full covered snow map suppose to happen? Or did Epic accidentally update the map ahead of time. It was strange for the snow map to come and go so quickly. More news on map changes to follow shortly.

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