Fortnite Mountain Base Camps Locations

Fortnite Mountain Base Camps Locations
  • There are 3 Fortnite Mountain Base Camps Locations in the FN map, and here is where to find them in the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges.

All Fortnite Mountain Base Camps Locations

Epic Games made its weekly challenges (released all today) quite different from other challenges that it’s released. Epic games wrapped up it’s Winterfest challenges which were all about various “snow-type” events. Ironically, it’s still the winter season in some parts of the world, however, they couldn’t continue to drag out the same theme week after week. Epic released six awesome challenges together, and they consisted of the Rainbow Rentals dance locations where players need to find three locations to dance at, the hidden gnome challenge, as well as the “no swimming signs” locations.

The mountain base camps challenge is part of the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges.

Where are the Mountain Base Camps in Fortnite?

For this particular Fortnite mountain camp challenge, you just need to “visit” the location. There’s no dance needed. Just land at the location of the Fortnite base camp and you’ll check it off the list. There are 3 locations of the Fortnite Mountain Base Camps. The challenge is rather easy and can be done all in one shot. The challenge says, “Visit Mountain Base Camps” at the menu.  There is no hard mode for this challenge, and all the three Fortnite camp locations are close together so you’re able to finish this task in one sitting.

So where are all the mountain base camps in the Fortnite map?

1. Mountain Base Camps Location #1: South of Retail Row (Map Grid H-7)
2. Fortnite Mountain Camp Location #2: East of Misty Meadows (Map Grid G-7)
3. Fortnite Base Camp Location #3: South of Misty Meadows (Map Grid F-8)

Here is the map of the Mountain Base Camps location on the Fortnite map:

Source: Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all Mountain Base Camps Locations:

After you’ve completed this challenge, there are 5 more challenges you can tackle today if you haven’t already for the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges. Good luck with the Fortnite camp challenge!

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