Fortnite New Gun Burst SMG Review

Fortnite New Gun Burst SMG Review
Source: Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale has a new Burst SMG that was introduced with the v9.10 patch. Are players loving it or hating it? Here’s our thoughts.

Fortnite New Gun Burst SMG Review

Fortnite is a little different in terms of shooter games. Typically, shooter games allow two weapons in the game. A primary and secondary weapon. The primary weapon is typically an SMG or LMG, while the secondary weapon is a pistol or a trajectory weapon. On the other hand, Fortnite gives the players 5 slots to use. You can fill all 5 of these slots with weapons if you want. You can have the sniper, a submachine gun. and a rocket launcher while other games do not have this option. Why does having 5 slots matter? Because Fortnite devs love adding new weapons to the mix. There is a new gun nearly every month which keeps things fresh for players.

But you might be asking, if Fortnite Devs keep adding new guns, won’t it clog up the amount of items in-game? Well, Fortnite does have a vaulting system which fixes this problem, and they’ve had it for quite some time now. The vaulting system allows for the game to have a balanced weapon spread between players. If there is an overpowered weapon or too many weapons they just use the vaulting to keep things interesting. Some of the most favorite weapons of players are vaulted for now, but new ones are always in the works.

Patch V9.10 Brings the Burst SMG

In the light of this, Fortnite is getting a new weapon coming with Patch v9.10.The Burst SMG is the new gun in Season 9. In reality, the gun looks a lot like real life Vector. There is no scope on it.

The Burst SMG will be available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants. The gun fires a quick 4 round burst. Depending on the variant Burst SMG  deals 23, 24, 25 damage. The gun has a 1.75x headshot multiplier. It takes 24 round magazine. It also uses Light Ammo. Epic Games released a video to show how it’s used:

The new Fortnite Burst SMG does look nice. However, the damage seems to be a little bit on the low end. You will need 8 body shots to eliminate even in the best variant. Therefore we aren’t so sure that this will be popular.

On top of this news, there are also vaulted items. This time, there is only one weapon vaulted which is the Suppressed Submachine Gun. As well, this includes all of the variants. It is normal they are vaulting this weapon to open a new slot for the Burst SMG.

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