Physical Copies of Fortnite Are Selling for $300. Becoming Collectors Items

Physical Copies of Fortnite Are Selling for $300. Becoming Collectors Items
  • Physical copies of Fortnite are available on Xbox and PS4. But if you want to buy one, you’ll need to pay $300 and more per copy.
Sealed Games Collectibles

There is a strong market for sealed games. Depending on the title, a desired sealed game can sell for thousands of dollars. Roughly five years ago, the sealed games collectible market was booming. Collectors even created dedicated forums to discuss new games on the market, re-sealed rip-offs and so forth. One of these forums is called Sealed Game Heaven. Although you need to be a member to see their database of sales history, another website called “” has conveniently stored past sales of certain sealed games. For example, a Final Fantasy VII sealed game fetched close to $800 US (source).

Legend of Zelda Nintendo NES Brand New Sealed

Games like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, or Chrono Trigger would sell for $2000+. Most collectors who were looking for these sealed games wanted a “graded game”. One company by the name of Video Game Authority has unofficially become the go-to company for grading sealed games. There have been many debates on how subjective grading sealed video games can be, but the company continues to be the leader in this small space.

Physical Copies of Fortnite Are Selling for $300

What use to cost only $69.95 for a physical copy of the original Fortnite game has now increased to $300. Sites like Bestbuy and GameStop don’t offer the physical copy of the original game anymore as most players want to play Battle Royale, which is a free download. You can still find the Fortnite Deep Freeze bundle physical copy for $29.99, however, it seems like the original game is what everyone wants. That would make sense as Fortnite is one of the biggest games in recent times with over 200 mullion players. There are definitely a bunch in the crowd that would like to have the physical copy of the most popular game, and perhaps they know how rare it is to find a copy.

Unfortunately, the time has passed where you were able to buy the game in a store. Now, sites like auction site eBay have physical copies. But you’ll need deep pockets to purchase the game.

Fortnite Physical Copy Xbox One Brand New Sealed Expensive Collectible Collector Item

One seller has a Xbox One version of Fortnite. He is asking $695, which doesn’t include shipping. His reason for the high asking price? “Very limited production physical game.” His auction has been relisted a few times, which means that not everyone is going to jump on a brand new physical copy of Fortnite.

Furthermore, there have been some successful sales in recent months for both Xbox One and PS4 completed listings, which means the demand is still there. See the sales below.

Fortnite Physical Copy PS4 PlayStation Brand New Sealed Expensive Collectible Collector Item

VGA Grade Fortnite Physical Copy

Why are they Collectible?

A physical Fortnite copy is hard to find now. They aren’t available and you’ll need to find these copies through auction sites or local ads. But the question is, why are the physical Fortnite games collector’s items now? There can be many reasons for this, but one user from the Epic Games Forums seemed to have come up with a really good reason why they have risen in value.

“Epic Games has since stopped the production of physical copies because people were buying them thinking they needed it to play Battle Royale, only to realize that BR can be downloaded freely at no cost. The only real purpose to buy one would be for PvE, but it’s cheaper now to just buy it digitally. The $40 price jump is due to the halt in production.” (source)

It makes complete sense from a demand and supply point of view. Considering that Fortnite has 200 million players, and not many physical copies were produced, this will bring up the value for them. Fortnite has become a top game for many gamers. Having a physical copy of their favorite game is like having a trophy. Especially if the Fortnite copy is graded by the Video Game Authority. It adds more value to have the game graded, and does look a lot nicer when displayed.

Will the value continue to go up in price? As long as Fortnite continues to be the most popular game on the planet, the value should sustain itself.

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