Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations Easiest Way To Complete Weekly Challenge

Fortnite Pirate Canon Map locations

Use this pirate cannon to complete the deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Cannon challenge.

Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations

Fortnite Week 2 challenges include one challenge that can be very frustrating to complete.  Deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Canon, is literally hit or miss. With 15 pirate canons spread across the Fortnite map, most players would think their best bet is to land Lazy Lagoon as it has the most pirate canons. In fact, there is another area that can help a player and save time to complete the challenge.

Pirate Cannon Locations

Every camp has at least one canon but the problem is most of them are elevated inside a window. This helps for long range aiming and launching but will not help complete this challenge if nothing is close by to aim at. For this reason, it is best to look for, and use pirate canons located on the ground. This opens up the options of easily moving them locations to better your chances of dealing damage to opponents with it. Here is a map of all Pirate Cannons, below we will discuss the best strategy by using the Pirate Cannon outside of Paradise Palms

Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations

Note the area South of Paradise Palms.

Best way to complete the deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Cannon challenge.
Lazy Lagoon

By now most players trying to complete the challenge are aware of the frustration one can face to connect a direct shot with a cannon ball. The easiest way is to drop on the upper cliff, just east of the pirate ship. There are 3 Cannon located on top facing the pirate ship below. Many players drop to loot the pirate ship and the cliff gives a perfect angle of attack.

Pirate Cannon on Cliff
3 Cannons located on cliff just East of the pirate ship

There is no doubt that many players are specifically dropping Lazy Lagoon to complete the challenge. Once a player fires a couple of shots down, many times other players, who understand what is going on, will tend to help complete the challenge.

Fortnite Cannon Ball Challenge Tips
A player below signaling to fire at him to help complete the challenge.
Paradise Palms

Although the Lazy Lagoon area might be the most effective, it can become overpopulated with players. The other way to complete the challenge is to disrupt a build fight. The best place to have a clear shot at this is Paradise Palms. Locate the pirate canon on the south road, then move it to the small hill overlooking Paradise Palms.

Roll this Canon over to the hill facing Paradise Palms

Deal Damage With A Pirate Canon Challenge

Placing your canon on the small hill just south of the town will allow players to stand the best chance at disrupting build fights. The Red circles indicate the areas where most fights occur. As seen with both locations, there is a straight path from the hill to any location below. Also, players do not tend to look at the south hill.

While most might think the best way to complete the challenge is to land where more canons are located, reality is players need to find locations to disrupt builds and early games fights at Paradise Palms is the easiest way to complete the challenge.

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