Fortnite Pool Floaty Location in Deadpool Challenge

Fortnite Pool Floaty Location in Deadpool Challenge
  • Players need to first find Deadpools Pool Floaty in order to dance at the Yacht in the next challenge of the day. Here’s how to find deadpools pool floaty.

Find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty Location

Fortnite has been releasing Deadpool challenges every Friday, and today we have two new ones to go over with. If you haven’t gotten around to starting the challenges, you’ll haveto finish 7 weeks og Deadpool challenges to catch up. The first challenge today requires you to find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty which will allow you to complete the second challenge of day. Yesterday Epic Games released he remaining Skye Challenges where players had to find the Skye Sword in 5 stones, and fly a Choppa under Steel bridges. The remaining part of the challenges yesterday dealt with the Shadow or Ghost Ollie, whichever one you choose to complete.

In today’s Deadpools challenge, it’s a two-part task. You need to find the Fortnite Pool Floaty and the second task you need to dance at the yacht on the Fortnite map.

This challenge is part of the Fortnite Deadpool challenges.

Fortnite Pool Floaty Location

At the main screen, you’ll want to head towards Deadpools room which can be found at the vault in order to check the challenge you need to complete. Click on deadpools computer and check week 8 deadpool challenge which states, “Find Deadpool’s Pool Floaty“. You’ll want to exit the upgrade vault room and select “AGENTS” which is the room on the far left.

Where is Deadpools Pool Floaty in Fortnite

Where is Deadpools Pool Floaty in Fortnite?

Once you enter the room you’ll meet Skye which is the last option of the agents on the main screen just before you enter the door. On the far right on in front of the gaming chair you’ll find Deadpool’s pool floaty to use for the second challenge of week 8. Once you’re done getting the Fortnite floaty, head to challenge #2 which can be found here.

Here is a video of  the entire process of finding Deadpool floaty pool:

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