Fortnite Scientist: One Of The Seven? [Theory]

Fortnite Scientist One Of Seven
  • Fortnite’s lore is improving with each season, and Epic Games is now introducing scientist skins as part of it. One of the Seven is explained. 

Fortnite Scientist: One Of Seven?

Multiplayer Shooter games are generally without lore. Players used to just jump into a game and start shooting each other. No character profiles, no story besides the campaign stories. However, these days are different for players. There are several reasons behind this. Number one and the most important reason is probably that players are feeling much more immersed in the game and they feel like they have a connection to the character at least. This is a viable point because video games are just an alternate reality. None of us is an actual murderer who jumps into a special mission with guns. But video games give us the ability to do that in an alternate reality.

Secondly, these stories and characters make games generally more successful. Players love to know how much has changed since the beginning of the game. Just a take a look at the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Since Season 1 there have been many changes and this gives the satisfaction of progress and players love to explore new things. This is an important part of gaming just like real life we love that things change so games are introducing more and more lore and character profiles into the games.

With that being said, Fortnite is also doing the same with the new Scientist Skin. The skin is available and you can unlock it by playing the challenges. However, the profile of the skin is written as ” His mission is unknown. One of the Seven.”.

Players from all over the world are discussing this right now. Because this is an interesting line. Who is the Seven?

Seven theories are circulating around the Stranger for now. In some theories, the Scientist and the Stranger are 2 of the Seven. We can see potentially all of them before the season finale. However, they are also linked to the Rift Beacons and therefore players can expect a whole new map with the end of this season through the changes done by the Seven.

Also, Season X brought many changes to the map but not major changes. We are expecting some big changes down the line as the season is ending. Who knows maybe we can even see a new map at the end of the Season X.

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