Fortnite Season 10 “The End” Event Dialogues Leaked

Fortnite Season 10 The End Event Dialogues Leaked
  • Fortnite is getting closer to The End of Season 10, and it looks like we have a glimpse into the ending dialogues.

Fortnite Season 10 Event Dialogues Leaked

Fortnite’s Season 10 is coming to an end. This will probably be one of the seasons to forget as it was plagued with many performance issues and unforgettable additions such as the BRUTE. The game became interesting for sure, but at the same time, there were still problems that overshadowed whatever Epic Games was trying to do. These problems seem to become more and more visible, and there are several reasons why Season 10 was not a fan favorite season. Lately, the most talked problem is the new matchmaking change. This change allowed players with the same level to compete against each other regardless of their platform.

But of course, Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10 is ending soon. We are really hoping for big changes to the current map and gameplay. as we’ve seen with Apex Legends, season 3 has an entire new map. This move will hopefully force Epic Games to consider a whole new map. Until now we have seen many season finales but we are hoping that even though this season was not good the final can make it up for it, and leakers are working 24/7 to get a picture of what will go on at the end of season 10. We are getting the dialogues for the “The End” event. These dialogues are from Strangers mouth most probably.

Dialogues Posted on Twitter

Asroel_Dev, who’s known to put out some major leaks has released some information regarding “The End” event in Fortnite’s Season X. Due to how long the tweet path is, we’ve posted the entire image thread below:

Source: Twitter

It looks like Asriel is giving us an idea about the creation of a Fortnite Island. Also, we understand that these are subtitles only. We can not be sure where the event takes place but either Dusty Depot around the Loot Lake. The Stranger is also talking about the Seven. Also, there is a bridge so maybe this island will be destroyed and we will get a new island via the bridge. Of course, these are only speculations. But for crying out loud, and speaking on behalf of all players; Fortnite really needs a new map. The map in Season X was nice, but even though every part of it changed it does feel old. Let’s hope that the next Fortnite season will bring a new map, and with pressure from Apex Legends, it seems like Epic has no choice.

**Article image credit to @_merciless_yt for concept.

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