Fortnite Season 10 Vaulted Items

Fortnite Season 10 Vaulted Items

Fortnite Season 10 is here and there are a lot of items getting vaulted. Here is the list of Season 10 vaulted items.

Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite Season 10 came with a lot of hype in the last month since players saw the epic Cattus vs Doggus event, as well as follow up teasers via Fortnite’s official Twitter account. Finally with the release of the new season today we will see some core elements of the game change due to the vaulting mechanic. Fortnite Battle Royale has a system that when new weapons are introduced into the game older weapons might get vaulted. This allows developers to keep gun saturation and balance. Season 10 will bring a lot of vaults more than usual and some of these items are player favorites.

Here is the list of vaulted items this season.

Season 10 Vaulted Items

1. Baller

Maybe the most interesting item to get vaulted. Ballers allowed players to reach certain places safe and quickly. Ballers were also extremely useful at the end game. However, we will not see this item at the beginning of Season 10. It can be unvaulted so keep your fingers crossed.

2. Quad Crasher

Another vehicle that allowed mobility across the Fortnite map is getting vaulted. Quad Crasher may not be as useful as baller, however, it did allow players some fun times and mobility. We will not see this vehicle this season also.

3. Flint Knock Pistol

No more amazing eliminations that you just fire yourself into the air. Flint Knock Pistol is also getting vaulted with the start of Season 10.

4. Shadow Bomb

This item was another core mechanic in the late game. The Shadow Bomb was an exceptionally useful item for pro players as well. We wonder how will Bugha react to this. He was an amazing Shadow Bomb player.

5. Semi-Auto Sniper

Semi-Auto Sniper is probably the least missed item on this list. Low damage and particularly useless generally. This item will not be missed sorely.

6. Tactical Assault Rifle

A light bullets weapon Tactical Assault Rifle was expected by players to be good. However, it was not that great, most players preferred to use Suppressed Submachine Gun instead. This is another weapon we will not see for some time

7. Mounted Turret

The Bane of End Game, Mounted Turrets was one of the weapons that was surely overpowered for a long time after so many nerfs it was still hard to deal with. This item will be vaulted as well.

8. Air Strike

The newest item in the list. Air Strike was regarded by players as a no skill required item for some time. Epic Games listened to the player’s feedback and thus it is getting vaulted.

9. Itemized Glider Redeploy

Another interesting and not expected item vaulted. This item was not expected to be vaulted at all. Another mobilization item vaulted for Season 10.

As you can see there is a pattern here. The map is changing back and most of the mobile items are getting vaulted. These changes will affect the game meta and change it completely. Some of these items were very useful to players as well as Pro Players. However, Epic Games is taking a bold step in favor of changing the game.

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