Fortnite Season 7 Theory

Fortnite season 7 theory and rumors ice king and fire king
source: Epic Games

An emergence of new Fortnite Season 7 theories are floating around since the release of the v7.20 update and this one makes perfect sense. 

Fortnite does include any NPCs in the game like WOW does. Because of this, map changes since the launch of Fortnite BR have been attached to the lore. Since Season 4, Epic have been constantly making changes to the Fortnite map while keeping fans guessing on what to expect. This season marked the riskiest map and meta changes, specifically with the additions of  the Ice Biome and planes.

A new theory is floating around twitter from Fortnite data miner @FortTory. The theory is built around, the Ice King and surprisingly the Fire King. The theory states that the Fire King was trapped by the Ice King to prevent him from destroying the kingdom that the Ice King built. This Fortnite Season 7 theory is believed because there were initially 5 kings with their whereabouts being unknown.  (Except the Fire King who’s chair was kicked down.)

fortnite fire king texture
Melting Castle

According to the theory, the SnowFall Skin will turn into the Fire King. He claims this by reading the word SnowFall in its literal meaning. He enhances the theory by stating that there was a texture found. The texture and the logo are same on Fire King’s chair as on the table. Where the theory gets interesting is that, there is as a well-known fact that Polar peak is melting and the Castle is melting as well. He states that the Prisoner(Fire King) is actually melting the Polar Peak from inside the castle, being the only ice remaining where the prisoner is located.

Therefore the Ice King will call upon a huge Ice storm. Aside from this Fortnite Season 7 theory, we are expecting the whole map to be covered with snow. The claim states that the Ice King will try to keep the Fire King trapped.

Polar Peak Melting


Many parts of the theory definitely make sense,  the pictures also match the rumor. The certain Ice King Fire King fits very well into the universe of George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

Here is a summary of how events should unfold

fortnite fire king theory

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