Fortnite SHADOW Ollie Location at Weeping Woods [FINAL MISSION]

  • Find Fortnite SHADOW Ollie at Weeping Woods in the Skye’s Adventure Challenges. Here’s how to complete the final challenge for the week.

Fortnite SHADOW Ollie Location

The Fortnite challenges today are focused on SHADOW and GHOST completion in the Skye’s Adventure challenges. In the last two weeks Epic Games released Special operations for Ghost and Shadow as well as the Skye challenges. Player had do to a number of challenges for Ghost, Shadow and Skye to get to this point. Today, two of the remaining Skye challenges were put out that we covered here; Skye Sword challenge and Choppa challenge. In order to complete this last challenge, you need to have completed all 18 of Skye’s Adventure Challenges. Then, depending on which operative you choose (Ghost or Shadow), you will need to find Ollie. In this post, we are going over SHADOW.

This challenge is Skye’s Adventure Challenges.

Where is SHADOW Ollie in Fortnite?

The final challenge today, if you chose SHADOW, requires you to find SHADOW Ollie at Weeping Woods. The mission specifically states, “Find SHADOW Ollie at Weeping Woods“. You will be able to find Ollie in open in front of the main house at Weeping Woods. Once you find Ollie, you will need to chase him a bit in order to catch him. **Important** Remember to have Skye in order to complete this challenge. If you are now using Skye, you can’t catch Ollie any other way.

Here is the map below to see where Ollie is located:

Where is SHADOW Ollie in Fortnite

Here is the precise location of Ghost Ollie:

#1 Shadow Ollie Location:  Land at Weeping Woods. Once you see Ollie, the hat will move in other places so you’ll need to follow Ollie’s around till he stops .(D-5 on the map grid)

Once you’ve completed the final challenge, you’ll be rewarded with the SHADOW Style for Skye as well as for Ollie.

Here is a video from Harry Ninty Four of visiting all Fortnite SHADOW Ollie Location in Fortnite.

If you’ve finished this challenge you can check out how to complete the other weekly challenges by going here. If you want to know about more Epic Games Fortnite challenges and how to complete them, follow us on Twitter @GameLifeHQ

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