Fortnite Silent Double Pistols Leaked

Fortnite Battle Royale Silent Double Pistols Leaked
  • Fortnite Battle Royale developers cannot contain leaks, even though they try their best. A new weapon leaked from the game files.

Fortnite Battle Royale has no problem with bringing new items into the game. Since the game is not a realistic type of shooter, Epic Games can add many new items into the game without worrying about the reality of the weapons. Fortnite does not have attachments in the game. Therefore the developers are adding the weapons with attachments from scopes to silencers. This allows them to expand the weapon availabilities since the exact same weapon acts differently with attachments. One of the most wanted weapons was the dual silencer pistols, also known as akimbo weapons.

Duel Pistols in Fortnite

We have seen these types of weapons in the past in the game. However, they are either vaulted after some time. Dual Silencer pistols were added into the game files a while back and later taken out by the developers, by the looks of it we can see that it is back on the files leaked from the data miners.

The dual silencer pistols can be an interesting starting weapon int the game. Of course, we do not have the release date of the new weapon, however, since it is inside the game files we can expect it to drop sooner rather than later. Although this will not the first time we have seen Epic Games not to include it in the game.

Epic Games is struggling currently, we know this because for the first time we have seen two-season extensions back to back. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is also extended, just like the last season. Epic Games is trying to stop the mass exodus from the game, however, until now their attempts to contain their player base were not successful.

They have announced that they will be doing unimaginable things with the game, however, there are no words about it since then.

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