Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle Stats

Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle Stats

Fortnite Battle Royale has a new gun is coming out with patch v9.01. Dataminers were able to extract some information to give us an idea of what to expect. Let us take a look at the new Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle.

Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle Stats

Epic Games is working hard to continue providing players with new weapons and skins with every update. Every week we are getting another patch keeping things fresh for Season 9. There might not always be a weapon or an item in a new patch, however, Epic Games always throws something new into the mix. The amount of weapons and items Fortnite has nowadays is huge, to the point where Epic Games developers need to “vault” certain items to make room for new ones.

In the new patch v9.01, dataminers have leaked that we are getting a new weapon with Fortnite patch v9.01. The new gun is called the Tactical Assault Rifle. The gun seems like a very balanced weapon. One credible Fortnite leaker by the name of Lucas7yoshi has provided details on his Twitter page. He’s been dead on with other leaks such as the Fortnite Creative Mode and the suppressed sniper rifle.

Details for the Tactical Assault Rifle

The Tactical Assault Rifle is coming in 3 varieties:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

The damage is 22 for the Rare, 23 for Epic and 24 for the Legendary. Structure damage is flat 25. The interesting thing is that maximum damage in the long range; 15 damage on average. The mag size is also great with 30. This robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters.



The Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle seems like a good weapon for close quarters and even in the midrange. The leaker found out that the gun rate of fire will be slower than the Assault rifle, which will actually help in bullet control. When players can control the fire rate, this equals fewer bullets wasted. Like a burst weapon, a slower gun rate will mean players can use the weapon with more accuracy instead of the traditional spray and pray approach.

The damage and the magazine size is great for a weapon this size. Additionally, the gun appears to have a scope. We all know how scopes can change the outcome of a match. No matter what, the Tactical Assault Rifle seems like an exciting weapon. The new weapon will make a good fit as AR’s have been getting vaulted by Fortnite Dev’s.

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