Fortnite Trick Is The Fastest Way To Farm Materials

Fortnite Trick Is The Fastest Way To Farm Materials

The Pirate ship at Lazy Lagoon holds a secret allowing players to farm over 300 wood in under 10 seconds.

The Fortnite Season 8 Pirate theme brings many new locations. While the volcano might be the biggest addition, its the pirate locations that hold the true secrets. With its current state, Fortnite materials are maxed at 500 per type. With all the new locations, wood and stone are extremely easy and fast to max harvest. However one location allows players to gather 350 wood with only a couple of pickaxe swings.

Lazy Lagoon Pirate Ship

The best way to gather mats as fast as possible sits on the lower deck of the pirate ship, floating in Lazy Lagoon. A player must head down to the lower deck of the ship and make their way to the bow.

Gather Mats Fast On Pirate Ship
Head to the Bow on the lower deck.

Once a player gets to the the complete front of the boat, there are the 3 sleds of wood split at the bow. Just look down and start pickaxing.

Lower deck Bow of Fortnite Pirate Ship
Front of Pirate Ship Basement, area to pickaxe

It only takes 5 pickaxe swings to break the bow and a player receives 150 plus wood. Once the front has been destroyed and opened, players will notice a thick piece of wood that is located just above the water. Again, only 5 pickaxes to the piece of wood will grant minimum 150 wood.

Also, this can be done outside of the pirate ship by pickaxing the bow.

300 wood in under 10 seconds
Pickaxing from outside the ship works also
Video Instructions

The following video from youtube FortniteFanatic shows you exactly where to strike the wood as he demonstrates the exact location.

As players can see from the video, with only 10 swings, over 300 wood is gathered from the one location. This tip comes in extremely handy for early game drops because players can immediately stack up on wood, grab a weapon and engage enemies.

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