Fortnite Update v7.10 “14 days of Fortnite”

Fortnite Update v7.10 14 days of Fortnite
Source: Epic Games

After some confusion regarding the release date and time, Epic releases Fortnite Update v7.10 here is everything you need to know

As everyone is aware by now, the much anticipated Driftboard item is not included with the new patch. The Driftboard has some bugs that need fixing before it launches.

Official V7.10 Patch notes

Here are the key highlights from patch notes V7.10

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14 days of Fortnite!

  • Players will be able to play old and new LTM’s throughout this 14 day festive season.
  • Small game modes (20v20) and Large game modes (50v50) will be available.
  • Rotations will keep happening for both modes. As in, small game modes will keep changing every 24 hours and the large mode will change every 2 days.

Limited Time Modes are well known for completing battlepass challenges. Different modes assist in different challenges. Epic has advised its users to make use of the period to complete challenges and unlock battlepass rewards.

Notable Weapon and item Nerfs

Fortnite heavy AR nerf

The Heavy Assault rifle has some accuracy improvements. ADS accuracy bonus has increased by 10%. Recoil adjustments and other minor tweaks to the heavy AR can also be noted. Balloons have been nerfed as well. The crouch button is now used to release air balloons while in the air.
Gliders redeploys at 576 units instead of 1000 units, which gives players a steeper dive.

Gameplay Changes

-Travelling on ice in a vehicle is going to change as vehicles will now slide on ice.
-Landing perfectly on all 4 wheels isn’t going to cause player damage any more.
-Players in the Stormwing X4 will now take 50 damage as opposed to the previous 25 damage.
-The Stormwing will also take more damage while running into structures.
-The kill-feed on the bottom left now show “no_scoped” kills.

New dates for the pop-up cups have been added to the list for this update.

14 days of Fortnite is the real highlight in this update. From the 19th of December, everyday at 9AM ET the LTM’s will keep changing . It should be exciting for players to keep playing different modes every day. Pro-Streamers haven’t really given into LTM’s, lets hope hope we can see some of our favorite streamers playing LTMs throughout the next 2 weeks.

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