Fortnite Vending Machine Prop Custom Made

Fortnite Vending Machine Prop Custom Made Mini - Piggy, Coin Bank - V-bucks - Birthday Gift Epic Games

It looks like the seller of the Fortnite Loot Chest and the Fortnite Launch Pad has one more item on the list and it’s a goody. While scrolling through eBay I stumbled upon another custom made Fortnite item, and this time it’s the Fortnite Vending Machine prop custom made by the same seller as the two items above! That’s pretty sick! In my last post I was wondering if this seller would be up to something new as he’s on a role pumping out these Fortnite custom made props, and boy was I right.

Description of the Fortnite Vending Machine

Here is what the seller wrote in the description for the vending machine prop:

Go ahead, stash your V-bucks (Ehem, I mean coins) inside your vending machine. Twistable bottom allows you to access the light source and retrieve money. Currently, we have 3 color options to choose from, Gold, Blue, and Purple.
The weapon image shown in the vending machine is what will be included. Requests for other images can be made, but MUST be discussed BEFORE purchasing!
Light source is push button and is concealed on the bottom of the machine. The front of the machine lights up and the “slits” of the V-bucks logo also allow light to pass. 
Height is about 6 inches and width about 3 inches
MADE TO ORDER – Each vending machine is made specially per order. Time depends on current orders in queue, but is usually around 1-2 weeks (sometimes a lot less). There may be a slight variation in the colors of the machines, but we try to keep them similar to the game.
Actual Prop

What’s cool is that this prop is actually the best looking one out of his collection of mini props! It even lights up and I think the seller did one hell of a job replicating the vending machine!

If you’re interested in buying one of the vending machine props click here! Just be sure to choose the color as there’s three different types; gold, blue or purple. You need to specify which one you want the seller to create for you. I love the blue one personally! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by the creator of these props and it takes quite a bit of determination to get them just right. Koodos to a fellow gamer who takes the passion and puts it into the real world to create Fortnite props!

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