Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Winner

Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Winner Esports
One of the biggest esports events of the year has finally come. The Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals is done, and here is everything you need to know about Friday’s match.

Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Winner

The highly anticipated Fortnite World Cup Finals finally came after months of preparation, qualifications, and all the drama. The World Cup is taking place in New York, and thousands of fans attended with millions watching all around the world. When the first games began there were some empty spaces in the crowd which was interesting, but nonetheless the party started and fans finally showing up to their seats.
The Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals had a prize pool of 3 million dollars and it had some very famous faces as well some relatively unknown. Fortnite Creative Finals offers a difference from normal esports games. Players are competing on crazy designed maps and ideas. This is very refreshing and new compared to everything we have seen so far. Fortnite Creative Mode’s flexibility is mixed with Fortnite and this was extremely fun to watch.

World Cup Creative Finals Teams

Eight teams competed in the Fortnite Creative Finals. These teams as we have said before included some familiar faces. Most of the teams consisted of players qualified and some got invited to the tournament.
World Cup Creative Teams Finals Esports Ninja
Source: Epic Games
The World Cup Creative Finals format was 4 sets of games and each set had 3 rounds; whoever wins the set wins a silver llama. The games were designed from scratch so nobody had any idea about the map creations. The Creative Mode Team worked amazingly and had 17 different contributors for the map design. As we have mentioned, there were 4 games at the Creative World Cup Finals. Here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals Winners.

Sky Station Showdown

Sky Station Showdown was a great game and enjoyed by everyone watching. The game was simple, and very clean considering it was a newly designed area. Each team will try to hold down certain objectives and according to time they held, they were going to win points: 1 second was 3 points. However, the hard part was the there were only 3 points and 8 teams competing for them. In order to gain points teams need to have their VIP (captain) in the objective. These VIPs were given the Infinity Blade. Also, there is another much valuable objective that appeared in the middle of the game. This objective gave players 12 points instead of 3 points. Teams needed 1000 to win.
Sky Station Showdown World Cup Creative Esports
Source: Epic Games
This was a really fun game in the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals. Let us check the Rounds.
Round 1
Llama Record Co. was able to win Round 1 by some clever strategy. They were able to secure the middle point early on and maximized their points so fast. Funky Fighters and Fish Fam finished second and third.
Round 2
Funky Fighters understood the middle points value and this time under the very eyes of every team they were able to capitalize the objective and they were able to hold it until the end. They got stuck on 999 points for a while but in the end, they were able to make it. Ninja’s team Lil Whip Warriors were able to finish second.
Round 3
Popular Streamer Gotaga’s team were able to win this round pretty comfortably. While other teams were fighting for the center objective, Gotaga’s Team Ravens Revenge was able to hold out the 3 point objective until the last second. The Silver Llama went to Funky Fighters at the end of the Round. This was mostly due to their success in the first and the second round.

Junkyard Juke

The Junkyard Juke design was more obscure and the design was hilarious. Junkyard Juke was more for having fun than to see a bunch of squads use their skills. The game was hilarious to watch throughout the duration. Players from all the teams selected an object and used these objects as a disguise to get through the map (Prop game). If they are able to go into the objective, they earned points based on the size of the object. However, 2 teams are trying to defend the objective while others try to go in.
These objects were like a car or a statue, for example, as the map was filled with these objects it was hard to distinguish who was fake and real so players sometimes kept shooting blank. The players on the defending team were blocked from seeing anything for 5 seconds several times through the round, therefore, players were able to move to the objective.
Junkyard Juke World Cup Creative Finals esports
Source: Epic Games
As we have said before it was good fun when Pro players trying to determine which one was fake and which was real.
Round 1
Llama Record Co.started this round fantastically as well. They won it pretty comfortably. Funky Fighters came second. At this point, the whole match looked like it will be between these two teams.
Round 2
Round 2 was great. Chicken Champions was able to get so many 1o points objects to the objective it felt unreal. Ninjas Team Lil Whip Warriors was able to come second. Honestly, Ninja’s team did not look so bad but they were unable to win a single round so far.
Round 3
Round 3 was the first time we have seen a total dominance in the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals. Chicken Champions won so comfortably they surpassed other teams by 30 points.
The silver llama went to Chicken Champions. They were able to win 2 rounds back to back.

World Run

Maybe the most anticipated game of all day was the death run, or the renamed version of it called World Run. This particular game had players of each team to complete a series of challenges in quick succession. There were traps all over the place and players need so precise movements it was so hard. The first team to collect all the coins won the round. Everyone was wondering about Cizzorz’s team. Because his team consisted of death run players.
Round 1
This round proved that the map could have been better. Yes, these were the best players in the world but they needed a bigger challenge. No team was able to collect all 30 coins however they cam very close. Gotaga’s Team Ravens Revenge was able to finish first. Fish Fam Cizzorz Team came second.
Round 2
This round was over so quickly no one understood what went on. Cizzorz Team the Fish Fam won the round quickly. They were able to finish the Round in nearly under 5 minutes and collected all the coins. This was a great example of how valuable was a team performance. Fish Fam played the game like duo partners one jumping and the other one following.
Round 3
Sunshine soldiers were able to win a round for the first time. They won by a small margin and 4 different teams were able to finish the map as well.
World Run World Cup Creative Esports Finals
Source: Epic Games
World Run was incredibly fun to watch, but the map could have been a little bit more challenging. Fish Fam was able to win the Silver Llama with ease.

Recap of the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals

These rounds were so exciting. They consisted of each of the games played for only one round with different rules. Sky Station Showdown point cap increased to 3000 however players were able to cap the objective for 3 points each and the middle objective was worth 12 points per person. Junkyard Juke changed also, players were no longer able to use small objects like disguises to get to the objective. The World Run was super exciting each player had only one life and the team who collected the most points would win.
Sky Station Showdown Remix
Amazingly, Funky Fighters were able to win this one in the last second coming from behind. They were nearly at 400 points when they first capped the middle objective however middle objective gave 48 points per second in this map, therefore, they were able to gain points so fast. They passed Gotaga’s team in the last second.
Junkyard Juke

The Junkyard Juke map was the first map where Ninja one a Round in the game. Lil Whip Warriors were able to win 30 points in front of everyone.

World Tour
This was the highlight of the match. The players were so scared to play it for 10 seconds nobody even moved a finger on the map because they only had one life and no respawns. They had to use their lives efficiently. Fish Fam was able to win dramatically with a coin difference. Therefore Cizzorz gamble of the team’s Death Run paid off.

Who won the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals?

In the end, the standings were announced and Fish Fam won the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals. They played amazingly and won quite a lot of money. Let us see the Final Standings.
Final Standings
World Cup Creative Final Result in Fortnite
Source: Epic Games
Winners of the World Cup Creative
  • 1st – Fish Fam
  • 2nd – Funky Fighters
  • 3rd – Raven’s Revenge
  • 4th – Lil Whip Warriors
  • 5th – Chicken Champions
  • 6th – Llama Record Co.
  • 7th – Sunshine Soldiers
  • 8th – Cuddle Crew
Prize Pool Earnings
  • 1st – $1,345,000
  • 2nd – $345,000
  • 3rd – $315,000
  • 4th – $295,000
  • 5th – $270,000
  • 6th – $250,000
  • 7th – $235,000
  • 8th – $195,000
It was fun to watch the Fortnite Creative Finals. It does not have the same hardcore seriousness of the Solos or Duos. However, it was nice in its own way. Congratulations to the Fish Fam.

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