Fortnite World Cup Finals Profile: MrSavage

Fortnite World Cup Finals Profile MrSavage

The Fortnite World Cup Finals is approaching, and today we will take a look at one of the top competing players in the tournament; MrSavage.

Fortnite World Cup Finals – MrSavage

The Fortnite World Cup Finals is one of the most anticipated esports tournaments of the year. After months of preparations, the qualifiers, the drama, the heartbreaks; now everything is finally set. Hopefully, the Fortnite World Cup is going to be an event esports fan will always remember. Qualified players from all over the world have prepared themselves for this one tournament. Of course, the qualifiers were done a little bit differently from other games as it was open to everyone.  However, there are some favorites to win the Fortnite World Cup, and we’ll go over MrSavage as a prospect to win the tournament.

NRG MrSavage

MrSavage (MrSavageM) is one of the qualified players that could potentially take home the $30 million dollar prize from the competitive tournament. He was unable to enter some of the Fortnite tournaments in the past due to the age restrictions. Luckily, Epic Games decided to soften the age restrictions, and this has brought in a whole new wave of fierce competitors into the Fortnite battle arena. Because of this, fans get to the see the likes of many talented young players, including NRG Esports’ MrSavage.

MrSavage is only 14 years old. He is from Oslo, Norway. As things stand right now, he is one of the best players in the world. He was able to qualify without any problems for the Fortnite World Cup Finals, which is a rare case. MrSavage was competing at the European Qualifiers. Some players suggested that it is easier than the NA Qualifiers due to the pool of candidates competing, however, he is an amazing player despite the assumptions people have.

The team behind the Fortnite World Cup also appears to understand this young man’s potential as they have released a highlight video for MrSavage. You can watch it below:

In this video, we are able to see what it means to be a pro player. Some people assume that gamers just sit behind a computer screen and press buttons faster than other people, but it’s more than just that. We can see the dedication of MrSavage has towards his goals. He has a personal trainer and he even needs to watch on his diet. It’s a different level of competitive gaming and MrSavage shows us that to be one of the best players in the world, you need to take your position seriously and always be on your game. The discipline showcases his commitment to not only Fortnite esports, but his organization as well (NRG). We will see him this weekend at Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Here is a video showcasing MrSavage’s skills:

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