Fortnite X Star Wars Collaboration Event

Fortnite X Star Wars Collaboration is Coming
  • Fortnite X Star Wars Collaboration allows players to become a Stormtrooper. This is the biggest Fortnite event since the Batman Gotham City event.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games around. The game has more than 200 million registered accounts. This is miles ahead of any other game. Fortnite was actually going to be a mod on the side of the actual game, “Save The World”. However, after PUBG’s success, Epic Games decided to add Battle Royale game mode. The game took off due to several factors. But we will not dive into the history of Fortnite. However, maybe the most interesting thing about Fortnite are the events. These events happen several times a year. But when they happen they are awesome. Fortnite apparently has a new event for us and this time it is with Star Wars.

Fortnite X Star Wars Crossover

Fortnite X Star Wars crossover is coming according to images leaked by the highly reputable leaker, HYPEX. To date, HYPEX has leaked out every Fortnite event. We can see in the image there is a Stormtrooper skin. This will take the cosmetics of the game to whole another level. Everybody wants a Stormtrooper skin after all. We are not sure if there will be other characters coming as skins. But also there will be a spaceship appearing on the map according to leaks. This is simply just awesome for the game. We have seen many collaborations in the past like Stranger Things or Batman and even game collaborations with Borderlands 3. However, Star Wars is a huge franchise and players will love this one.

Epic Games continues to do a solid job with their marketing. Even though the game is under fire by the community, Epic manages to always come out on top. Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10 was so bad, Epic Games is still trying to mend the game. But they have also stopped sharing patch notes. The community is furious over this, but Epic Games is probably happy now since they won’t have to deal with more in-game issues. Because whenever they wanted to add something to the game they were criticized. Last season after the game included bots, and at the same time, most of the player base was complaining about it. But things have settled down now, and with the leaked Star Wars event, things are looking good for Fortnite.

Also, when we are looking at the timing of Fortnite X Star Wars collaboration, it ‘s not a coincidence as a new Star Wars game and a movie is about to be released. Games are becoming like marketing tools nowadays. The size of the gaming community is increasing daily. Therefore big companies choose to invest in this direction.

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