Get The Fortnite Psycho Bundle For Free

Psycho and Claptrap Fortnite
  • There is a way to earn the Fortnite Psycho Bundle for free, and we’ll let you know how to do it. Read more below.

Fortnite Psycho Bundle

Players from all over the world enjoyed Borderlands games for years. Borderlands had an interesting setting that was reflected well with the graphics. The post-apocalyptic world setting was not something new but Borderlands graphics mixed with psychopaths and thousands of weapon choices made a great combination for players. Borderlands 3 was not an exception in this regard. The game was hyped with an amazing trailer beforehand although we can say for sure that this game is much bigger after the trailer the developers went a little bit quiet.

But that was until Borderlands made a deal with Fortnite and this was a very interesting feature. Because we have never seen games cooperate like this before. The market for video gaming does not allow this. However, Borderlands and Fortnite made exceptional marketing for the future. There is a special bundle with an infamous Borderlands character. The Psycho Bundle is an amazing reflection of the Borderlands universe. It is also an amazing looking skin for Fortnite Players. Also, unlike most of the bundles, there is a unique weapon skin.

Earn the Fortnite Psycho Bundle for free?

Players can actually get this skin for free. There are 3 versions of the Borderlands 3 game. If players choose to buy the game from Epic Store they will get the Psycho Bundle for free. This is an exceptional deal and good marketing from Epic Games.

We do know that the Epic Store is a massive project. Steam has a lot of share in the market right now. However, the Epic Store is trying to increase its market share. They are not welcomed by players with their exclusive deals until now but these type of deals are more acceptable. Doing this deal with Borderlands will help them gain more awareness, and the same could be said for Borderlands. So essentially it is a win-win scenario where both gaming companies will benefit from it. If you’re a huge Fortnite and Borderlands fan, then this is a bundle you shouldn’t miss out on.

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