Pro Hockey Player Attempts Fortnite Floss Dance. Almost Nails It.

In the pre-game ice skate between the Senators and Flames last night, one young Senator fan challenged Brady Tkachuk to a “floss off”. Watch as the pro hockey player attempts the Fortnite Floss Dance. Almost Nails It.

Fortnite Floss Dance

Fortnite is one of the more unique games on the market now that incorporates dancing in their gamplay. There are many dances that a player can choose to use before entering a game. While playing the game, the player can use whatever dance move they chose at the menu screen. There are a variety of dance moves, but the Floss dance is the most popular one. To really dig into Fortnite Floss and where it comes from, we need to mention the name of the person who came up with the dance, Russell Horning. Called the “Backpack kid”, Russell Horning came up with the dance move and decided to put it online. It became quite popular on social media, but it wasn’t until he was called up by Saturday Night Live to showcase the dance with Katy Perry during her performance of “Swish Swish” on the show.

Since then, the dance has been attempted by people all over the world. It even made it’s way onto the popular game “Fortnite”.

Pro Hockey Player Attempts Fortnite Dance. Almost Nails It.

The Ottawa Senators were visiting the Calgary Flames last night. While viewers aren’t typically use to see Fortnite dances in the NHL, it was going to be their lucky day. In the pre-game ice skate, one young Senators fan was right up on the glass, holding up a sign for Brady Tkachuk of the Senators to do a Floss off. The sign read, “Hey Chucky #7 FLOSS OFF for your STICK?“.

Young Senators Fan Floss Off with Brady Tkachuk Ottawa Senators
Source: TSN.CA / NHL

Well, it seemed to catch the attention of Brady as he looked in the direction of the young Ottawa Senators fan and made a gesture to kick things off. The young fan then started to floss off, doing it so well that even Russell Horning would be proud.

Brady Tkachuk Does Floss Dance

After the fan finished, it was Brady Tkachuk’s turn to do the dance, and this is how it went.


Although it might not look complete, we have to consider three things here. One, Brady Tkachuk is on skates while doing the Floss dance. No one in their right mind would attempt to do this dance on ice as it requires some traction on the ground. Two, Brady has a lot of equipment on, which also doesn’t make him as flexible. Three, he was up against a pro Floss dancer. Given all of these variables, Brady Tkachuk did a pretty decent job and almost nailed the Floss dance.

Good Sportsmanship

Although Brady didn’t give his stick, he offered an official NHL hockey puck to the young fan, tossing it over the glass. We’re not sure if Brady also said that he would give his stick after the game (since that is what the young Senators fan was hoping for).

Brady Tkachuk Gives uck to Fortnite Floss Kid
Image source: TSN.CA / NHL

But the fact that Brady participated not only made the fans day, but gave him a great memory to keep for many years to come. It shows that Brady is a class act. Unfortunately, The Ottawa Senators went on to lose that game 5-1, but out of all the goals and saves of the match, this is possibly the highlight reel for every NHL hockey fan out there.


Brady Tkachuk Floss Dance Fortnite Ottawa Senators NHL
Source: TSN.CA / NHL

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