Fortnite World Cup Finalists Per Region

Fortnite World Cup Finalists Per Region

Understand how many total Fornite World Cup finalists per country will be heading to New York in July.

With the Blackheart cup in the books, the Fortnite world now shifts their attention to the grand daddy of it all, the Fortnite World Cup. Set to commence on April 13th, players have 10 weeks of open qualifiers in hopes of reaching the finals in New York city.

How many players are going to be chosen from each region? Remember Ghost Bizzle’s opinion on how he thinks the World Cup formats should be based? “75% of the players from North American and the other 25% split among the rest of the continents”

Although at the time Bizzle’s opinion sounded one sided, if we look deeper at the final World Cup format, was not far off.

Fortnite World Cup Qualifying Region Breakdown

By looking over the spot disbursement we can see how Epic achieved the 100 finalists for the world cup. You don’t have to be a math genius to convert the dollars into percentages. If we switch all the dollars into percentages, this potentially how many players will be finalists from each region:

Fortnite World Cup Server Region Chart
Regional Breakdown For All 100 Grand Finalists


Europe: 40 finalists, 40%
North America: 40 finalists, 40%, both EAST and WEST combined
Brazil: 7 finalists, 7%
Asia: 7 finalists, 7%
Oceania: 5 finalists, 5%


Europe: 20 duos, 40%
North America: 20 duos, 40%, both EAST and WEST combined
Brazil: 3 duos, 6%
Asia: 3 duos, 6%
Oceania: 3 duos, 6%

* A total of 50 duos spread across 5 locations.

Server Limitations

There is no doubt that the only way continents can mix into play together, is when they meet offline, during the Finals in New York. All online winners have no choice but to be broken down per region, just like the Blackheart format.

As many were expecting, the World Cup will comprise of 80% of its playing coming from Europe and North America. The final breakdown makes sense because the core of the Fortnite player base accounts from both continents.

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