This is How Ninja Deals with His Haters Online

This is How Ninja Deals with His Haters Online

Being the most popular video game player in the world will attract a lot of negative attention. This is how Ninja deals with his haters online.

Most Popular Streamer in the World

Ninja is one of the best Fortnite players in the world. He shares that title with many other greats such as Tfue. However, one title that no one else shares with Ninja is his popularity as a video game streamer. With 22 million YouTube subscribers, and 14 million followers on Twitch, no one comes even close to his numbers. There’s popular YouTube streamer PewDiePie who has close to 100 million subscribers on YouTube, however, he’s purely an entertainment streamer covering all angles. Ninja is only seen as a video game streamer.


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Tyler Blevins, which is Ninja’s real name came to fame gradually as it didn’t happen all in one night. Ninja has been streaming for years, and did had a decent following. But it was his duo with musical artist Drake that put him on the map, and soared his popularity in mainstream media. From this, a snowball effect occurred, and Ninja would continue grow his brand through television appearances on shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. However, being this popular does not only consist of good experiences.

How Ninja Deals with His Haters Online

During a recent Fortnite Battle Royale stream, Ninja got personal about his experiences online, and how he deals with his haters. Here’s how things started off.

Ninja started saying that one of the things he’s been able to obtain through his while streaming career is the ability to “ignore all of the opinions and hate messages about” him. It’s a skill that you wouldn’t think is any useful, but when you’re someone like Ninja who constantly reads negative comments about him, it’s probably one of the most important skills to have. Ninja is human, and like everyone else, doesn’t like to read negative messages about himself. Who would like to wake up every day and read negative things about themselves? No one.

But no on can stop negative comments or opinions being spread online. So how Ninja deals with it is simple. He ignores them by not reading or even replying to them. An interesting note is that Ninja’s wife helped him through all of it, saying that he would have fallen into depression if it wasn’t for her. Sometimes teamwork is needed to battle the internet trolls, and thankfully Ninja has a partner in crime to fight even the worst trolls on the internet. It’s a valuable lesson for anyone who puts themselves out there on the internet. The simple and subtle method of ignoring trolls is the best way to handle them.

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