How To Do The Small Window Trick in Fortnite


Today we will take a look at a new trick called the Fortnite Small Window Trick. Utilizing this trick will help you see your surroundings in an enclosed fort, and help you get more Victory Royales.

Fortnite World Cup Grind

Fortnite players from all over the world are watching the World Cup Qualifiers right now, which happens to dominate the Twitch metrics as the most popular game. Everyone is trying to compete to make it to the World Cup Finals. We are in week 6 now and as we get closer the excitement builds up. Players all over the world are also looking for new tips and tricks on Fortnite. Of course, most of these tips and tricks are situational and in many players simply forget to use them in the heat of the battle. But some of them are pretty useful. Today we will take a look at a new trick called the small window.

Fortnite Small Window Trick

This trick is called Small window. First of all, in order to do the trick, you need to build a 1×1. Afterward, you need to edit the wall to make a door and a window on one of the walls. Afterward, you need to make a pyramid inside and edit the corner towards the window. This will leave you with an amazing angle. Now you will be able to see outside through the small gap at the top of the door that you made. This trick allows you to shoot without revealing yourself. The trick can be seen from the video starting at 0:57.

This trick can come in handy in all situations. If you know where your enemy is you can use this trick very effectively. This trick can be used also in ranked matches where many players are constantly building, and for you to check around for what to do next. You do not need to necessarily do this trick on a 1×1. Players can use this on any structure that they made with a wall. Hopefully, it will lead to more Victory Royales.

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