How to Score A Goal In The Indoor Soccer Pitch in Fortnite [Overtime Challenge]

How to Score A Goal The Indoor Soccer Pitch in Fortnite [Overtime Challenge]

The Fortnite soccer challenge is here. Players need to score a goal on an indoor soccer pitch. Here is the location where to find the soccer field.

Fortnite Score A Goal Challenge Locations

The biggest esports event for Fortnite just ended, but that doesn’t mean Epic Games is slowing down any time soon. Recently, Fortnite’s official twitter page tweeted a teaser for Season 10. They are planning big things for this Thursday when the new season is released. On top of that, Epic continues to push out challenges and daily tasks in their “Overtime” challenge.

This next challenge is the score a goal on an indoor soccer pitch in Fortnite. This is one of the easiest overtime challenges that Fortnite has put out. There is only one indoor soccer field in the game, and you just need to kick a soccer ball in the net. This was put in place to possibly celebrate the successful season 9 in Fortnite, on top of the Fortnite World Cup that just passed.

Where is the soccer pitch in Fortnite?

There is one soccer pitch on the Fortnite map, and you’ll need to kick a soccer ball into the goal to unlock this challenge. Considering that the soccer pitch was put into previous Fortnite seasons, it’s something everyone has done at one point (kick the ball in the net). To complete the Fortnite soccer challenge, a good start would be to land close to neo-tiled or Snobby shores. The reason is that every player will be looking to land at the indoor soccer complex to fulfill the challenge. You only need to kick the ball in the net once. Once you either land near or around the soccer field, you just head to the center of the field to kick the ball into one of the goals. Once you do that you complete the challenge.

Where to score in Fortnite pitch
Where to score in Fortnite pitch

Here is the Fortnite soccer location:

  1. Glide east towards Neo tiled as the indoor soccer stadium is located between Neo and Snobby shores. The exact location is C-5.
Video of Location of Indoor Soccer Field

Here is a look at how to complete the score a goal Fortnite challenge:

Scoring a goal in Fortnite is one of the easiest challenges to complete. The only difficulty you’ll have is to avoid other players who are also trying to complete this world cup challenge. Once you score a goal, you’ll want to head out of indoor soccer pitch away from your enemies.

Fortnite World Cup Winner

The Fortnite World Cup weekend has ended, hence the reason Epic Games has this challenge as it mimics a celebration at the world cup of soccer. There were three major events;

Fortnite fans have witnessed an intense 3-day tournament and saw a new champion be born by the name of Bugha. It was a tournament, unlike anything we’ve seen before, with most of the popular Fortnite names being eliminated early on in the tournament. Big names like Tfue and Bizzle failed to even get into the top 20, which goes to show how difficult the World Cup was.

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