How to use the Fortnite Treasure Map

Fortnite Treasure Map

The first update of Fortnite Season 8 brings players the buried treasure item, here is what you need to know about it.

Fortnite Season 8 started off relatively slow apart from some map changes, there was only one new weapon added. However, the first new item of the season arrives with update 8.01. A buried treasure item will lead players to dig up hidden chests that contain legendary loot.

Players had been complaining about poor loot drops with the arrival of Season 8 and the addition of of the buried treasure item might be the reason why.

What are Fortnite Treasure Maps?

Fortnite Treasure Maps are inventoried items. Players are able to hold that will lead them to visit to an X location where they can dig up a chest containing legendary loot. Treasure maps can be found from floor loot or chests.

How to use Fortnite Treasure Maps?

Although pretty self explanatory, there are some key aspects to keep in mind when a player finds a treasure map.

  • Once a player uses his treasure map to locate the hidden chest, its location will never change. This means it is important to dig out the chest as storm circles will not cause the hidden chest locations to change.
Fortnite Treasure Map X
Map location triggered inside zone
Fortnite Treasure Map inside storm
location is static and does not change even inside storm
Fortnite Treasure Map after 2 zones
original location remains visual deep into storm
  • Treasure locations rotate from game to game with no exact locations.
  • If a treasure map is swapped to a new player, the treasure chest location does not change.
  • If a map is held onto and not uses until later in the game, its original treasure chest location will not change. This means waiting later into a game to look at the treasure map for the first time will not guarantee the treasure chest location will be inside a zone.

There are no confirmed glitches being discovered with the buried treasure items.

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