Infinity Blade has arrived with Fortnite 7.01 Patch Notes

infinity blade

Infinity Blade has arrived with Fortnite 7.01 Patch Notes

The Fortnite 7.01 patch notes of season 7 are out! The most notable addition to the game is the hyped up “Infinity blade”.

Before we take a look at the Infinity blade and what it brings to the game, let’s start off with the new game modes.

Close Encounters is Back!

“Close Encounters” a fan favourite LTM is back.

In this game mode, players will have access to different types of shotguns. Shotguns are the only weapons available in Close Encounters. Jetpacks and heavy shotguns can only be found in loot chests.

From mid-game, the storm moves fast and player stats are also recorded in this mode. So yes, a victory Royale counts!

The X-4 Stormwing update.

Also included in the 7.01 patch notes is, whenever the plane explodes, players on it will take 25Hp damage! So no more chilling in the skies until the plane explodes, it’s now become a risky affair.

Okay! Here are the weapons update we’ve all been waiting for…


The Infinity Blade can be found at the very top of polar peaks and each match will have only one Infinity Blade available for players.

There are two fire modes available to use the Infinity Blade,

  • Primary fire mode:This allows you to swing the sword and use it as a melee weapon. Thus is not just any melee weapon though, the infinity blade deals 75 damage in one hit and can destroy structures with one swing.
  • Secondary fire mode: The player takes a huge jump forward destroying the structures in it’s way. On landing, enemies nearby by are dealt with a damage hit of 25.


Players are given other super powers once they get hold of the infinity blade,

Total HP is doubled: now players have 200 HP and 200 shield.

  • Health and shield regenerate at 1hp/second.
  • Total HP is doubled to 400: now players have 200 HP and 200 shield.
  • Increased mobility speed to 130%.
  • The player who manages to get the Infinity Blade first is rewarded max health and shield.
  • Once a player picks up the Infinity Blade, every item in their inventory (apart from materials) is dropped.
  • If a player with the Infinity Blade dies, other players can come pick it up and make use of its benefits.…


fortnite patch notes 7.01

Creative Mode Changes

Fortnite 7.01 patch notes also introduces changes to creative mode. A 5th island will be available to players to build on.  Fortnite Creative mode will now include 4 featured Island Rifts. These islands will change over time when the new Islands become Featured. Featured maps can only be played by the rules set by the creator.

The Inifnity Blade can be found in all three mode (Solo, Duo, Squads).

So there you have the first set of updates for the season.

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