Mongraal Makes Inappropriate Comment on Fortnite. Shocks Teammates.

Mongraal Makes Inappropriate Comment on Fortnite. Shocks Teammates.

During one of Mongraal’s Fortnite Twitch Streams he said something that was out of line. Mongraal’s teammates were even shocked by his comment. Here’s what he said.

Who is Mongraal?

Kyle Jackson, who is known by his gamer name “Mongraal” is a professional esports player for Team Secret. He plays competitively in Fortnite Battle Royale and has faired decent result, finishing 1st place at the POG Duo Tournament 2018-09-02 tournament and weeks later in 2nd place at the same tourney. He made news by becoming the youngest professional Fortnite player recruited by an esports organization.


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When Mongraal isn’t playing in Fortnite tournaments he streams full time, and has over 1 million followers which is an accomplishment by any means.

Mongraal Makes Inappropriate Comment on Fortnite. Shocks Teammates.

During his latest stream, he was playing with a few friends when they just started a new match. While in the Party bus, Mongraal tagged some areas on the map and said, “I think you should call late game because if you don’t call late game I get a bit reckless.”. His teammates then poked some fun at him saying, “Aww that’s so cute“.

The someone said to him, “You were doing like, aggressive stuff”. That’s when Mongraal responded with this.

“When I see someone I just wanna put my willy in them”.

It was at that moment he realized his slipped with his words, and it seems he wanted to take back what he said. His teammates didn’t quite understand why he would say such an inappropriate comment. Mongraal looked to be embarrassed by what he said and his teammates even said to him that he shouldn’t say something like this.

Mongraal Sexual Comment in Fortnite Battle Royale Bad

Although it might have been a joke, many viewers who are young might more understand such things, or even believe what Mongraal has said to have true intentions. With thousands of viewers watching, it’s better to be safe with your choice of words.

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