Top 5 Most Expensive Fortnite Gaming Setups

Most Expensive Fortnite Gaming Setups
Source: Youtube Unbox Therapy
  • In this article we look at the most expensive Fortnite gaming setups you will ever see. From streamers to pro players, here’s what’s used in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Top 5 Most Expensive Fortnite Gaming Setups

Gaming Setups are at the core of a pro’s success. Building or owning a powerful PC to run games smoothly is the best way to gain a superior advantage. However, this article is not about the best Fortnite gaming setups. This is about the most expensive Fortnite gaming setups that ridiculously overkill and in many cases the dream setup for the average Fortnite player.

Here is a detailed look at the top 5 most expensive Fortnite setups, ranked from worst to best.

Who has the most Expensive Fortnite Setup?

5. Sceptic Fortnite Gaming Setup – Price Tag: $15,000

Maybe the youngest person on the list, the 14-year-old has more than a million subscribers on his Youtube Channel with Fortnite gaming setup worth fifteen thousand dollars. His big break came when he killed Tfue in a solo match last year.

Sceptic’s gaming chair is Vertagear PL4500. PL stands for Pro Line series, the best of the best, with a price tag of around $450. Like most professional Fortnite players, Sceptic uses the cherry blossom Ninja Air58 Final Mouse. The Air58’s hypers give it a smooth flow and is used by a ton of other pro players. It uses a 1 to 1 ratio meaning your mouse moves to the exact same location every time, helping players build muscle memory much faster.
Sceptic Most Expensive Fortnite Setup
YT Top5Gaming

Sceptic’s keyboard is the widely known Ducky One-2 mini. The keyboard is extremely compact and easy to use and does not have a Numpad on the side as players can replace the keys with rubbers instead of plastic.
Because Sceptic is a content creator, a lot of his money goes towards his streaming setup. Sceptic uses an audio-technica AT2035 mic. This is a high-end microphone designed specifically for streamers. He uses the HyperX Cloud Flight headphones, which he has broken already 4 times.

Just like all streamers, Sceptic uses a 2 PC combo, one for gaming and one for streaming. They are identical with i7-7700K but the main difference is the gaming setup has Nvidia 1080ti while his streaming PC he uses is a 1060. The bulk of his Fortnite gaming setup is on his PCs with a combined cost of around $10,000. His streaming PC specs are complete overkill.

His room has 15 NanoLeaf lights nested on his ceiling, giving his viewers a variety of different colors when streaming.

4. Tfue Fortnite  Gaming Setup – Price Tag: $20,000

Tfue’s Fortnite setup is, of course on the list, and is very similar to Sceptic’s with a little more higher-end gear.

Tfue is using the same keyboard as Sceptic, the Duck1-2 mini. This keyboard was made famous by Tfue so of course, he is using it still with its famous glowing rubber keys. Tfue also uses 2 Ninja Air58 Final Mouses. He also uses a Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee, to help with extra-long wires. Tfue uses one of the best headsets on the market, the Sennheiser HD 6600  paired with the very pricey Shure SM7B microphone, both retailing around $500.
TFUE Most Expensive Fortnite Setup
YT Top5Gaming

One of Tfue’s most iconic gaming feature is his custom black & white Maxnomic Pro-Chief gaming chair. His gaming chair fits nicely under his mechanical desk that can be automatically raised and lowered to fit your comfort zone.
Tfue uses 2 PCs with his streaming box being an i9 16GB Ram with a GTX 1060 card. His gaming PC has 32 GB RAM and two GTX 1080ti. Of course, they both contain water cooling. Amazingly Tfue has 3 monitors, all Asus 240hz, to go along with his 2 cams.

3. Reaxtion Fortnite Gaming Setup – Price Tag: $25,000

Reaxtion’s room is one of the cleanest rooms you will ever witness. His room is full of Nanoleaf Lights, 30 of them to be exact. Reaxtion uses RGB lights on everything in his room including his mousepad.

Here is a tour of his room:

He uses the Ducky1-2 mini and the same gaming chair and mic as Tfue, the Maxnomic Pro Chief and Shure SM7B.

Reaxtion Most Expensive Fortnite Setup
YT Top5Gaming

Reaxtion is an anomaly among streamers because he only uses one computer, but does have 2 if needed. His PC is an i7 8700K with GTX 1080ti with liquid cooling, rocking 16GB of RAM. His PC is estimated at around $15,000. The most interesting part of Reaxtion’s setup is the 3 240hz monitors that are connected on 1 stand which makes the side monitors look like they are floating in the air.

2. Imperator Works UnBoxTherapy Fortnite Gaming Setup – Price Tag: $35,000

Coming from UnboxTherapy Youtube’s channel, we have the most visually appealing Fortnite Setup. This Gaming setup is simply a beast. It is not a normal streamer setup. It is deemed “the ultimate gaming experience”.

Imperator Works make Gamestations. The chair itself costs $3500. The desk is motorized and moves around with the push of a button. You can even lay down and play because the station can rotate itself. Unbox Therapy upped the sales with this build. The main monitor is a 4K LG 42″ with two side monitors, basically having players on a nearly 100″ monitor. All of the components come from SteelSeries including a Rival 600 Mouse and M7500 keyboard.

The gaming station is built by Xidax with an i97980xe overclocked CPU with 4.6 GHz. This monster also has two Asus GTX 1080ti’s and with 128GB of Ram this thing can handle anything thrown its way.

One small note, this thing has a refrigerator on the side of the unit. You can just sit there and pull out food or drinks from its side and never have to move. All you need to do is fork out $35,000 to spend on it.

1. Ninja’s Redbull Stream Room – Price Tag: $100,000

Ninja Dojo is the name of this gamer’s paradise. Built by Redbull as a sponsorship deal, this room is the most sophisticated gaming room ever. Ninja was going to renovate his gaming room when he moved to his new house and Redbull helped him out.

The gaming room contains 2 setups for streaming and gaming. They both have custom-built NXRT computers with VEGA 2080ti that come with Asus Mark1 motherboards. He uses the Final Mouse with a Corsair K70 Rapidfire keyboard. His studio Pro mixer is worth $2000. Ninja uses 4K 240hz Alienware Monitors.

He has 3 Blackmagic Ursa Mini cameras starting at $5,000 each, with a personal analyst desk with an 82” TV on the back wall and 5 55” Samsung TVs that look like lego blocks forming his famous Ninja Logo. On top of all of this Ninja also has RGB lights everywhere and a Disco Ball in the center of the room. He has a custom made desk to feed his dogs.


As you might have noticed most of these Fortnite Gaming Setups are made for streaming. This is normal as streaming became a professional job for most people try to get the best out of the situation. Also, only Ninja has a 2080ti GPU this is due to most, for now, 1080s are more than ok for gamers also on Fortnite they are unnecessary. 60hz monitors are not a thing anymore also. We can see that 144Hz monitors are even offered on notebooks right now. Most probably with the new games coming up, we will be seeing much more interesting setups. However, Google is introducing Stadia. For now, it does look good on paper but in practice, no one believes that they can play a game on 4K via the cloud. But if that can be done all the gaming setups might become obsolete.

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