Myth Reacts to Ninja’s comment, “Kind of a d*ck move”.

Ninja Shoots Shade At TSM Myth Myth Responds. [Fortnite Esports]

Tsm Myth not impressed by Ninja’s joke during livestream.

It did not take long for Ninja’s recent comment in Poland to go viral. Although Ninja seemed to be using it in a jokingly matter, Myth is clearly not amused.

Ninja’s joke

While hosting the Fortnite Night Shift in Poland, Ninja was asked about his first Fortnite event he hosted in April 2018 called Ninja Vegas. The event was one of the first Fortnite invitationals, with $50,000 in cash and prizes. It was a small event, with only a handful of players. The most notable name invited was TSM Myth. Ninja and Myth were the poster boys for Fortnite during its earlier seasons. Although the duo hardly play together anymore, there was never any real bad blood between the two players as both made multiple appearances together.

Ninja Insults Myth at Fortnite Esports Event in Poland

When asked about the Ninja Vegas event, Ninja responds: “Myth was there obviously as well, you know, he fell off a lot”. Then chuckles out: “Shoutout to my Myth, sorry man”. Here is the clip:

Ninja Vegas Reference

Ninja mentioned Myth falling off because of how Myth made headlines when being eliminated from high fall damage from his own build. Regarded in late 2017 as one of the best builders in the game. It was very rare to see Myth make such a mistake. Here is the fall damage from Ninja Vegas.

Myth Response

Many viewers were commenting that Myth will take the joke lightly and it wasn’t anything bad, but, from Myth’s reaction when watching the clip, he is clearly not amused.

TSM Myth Response Ninja Insult Comment on Twitch

On stream Myth sees the Ninja clip for the first time and responds with: “Nah Ninja that’s F*cked up dude”. He finishes with “Kind of a dick move”.

Although the joke seemed harmless, it was mentioned at a live event with thousands watching. Myth has a very easy going personality while never taking anything seriously. However, its very clear that Myth did not like the Ninja comment.

As time passes most fans tend to forgot how Fortnite was the Myth and Ninja show.For the first couple of season’s. Whether Myth took the comment as an insult or a jab is not clear. Ninja was obviously making a light joke and definitely didn’t mean to throw any type of shade at Myth. But the way the message was delivered to Myth was probably the reason why Myth felt Ninja was throwing some heat at him.

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