Myth Surprises Fan On His Birthday

TSM Myth meets a fan for his birthday
Source: Instagram

TSM Myth released a pretty cool Vlog surprising a young fan on his birthday showcasing the classy side of the popular Fortnite Streamer

Almost every Pro Fortnite streamer is now giving a glimpse of their personal life through their YouTube Vlog. Myth has always been very active in posting social media. In his latest Vlog, Myth encounters a “fan-note” slipped into the TSM house. The note was basically an invite to a “Gamer Truck birthday party” from a Kid who lived around the block.

Tommy, the 12 year old fan invited TSM and Myth specifically to come over to his house in the morning for his b’day party. Myth was impressed with the polite approach and decided to attend the kid’s birthday bash.

He is later seen sorting through some cool Fortnite merchandise and selects a few to gift to the birthday boy. Apart from that, he loads up a few other bags with some TSM goodies. Later in the video you can see Myth showing up at the party, interacting with the birthday boy and his friends.

A small meet and greet session happens with Tommy, taking pictures with Myth and the kids were over the moon clearly. It’s awesome to see Myth go out of his way to make his fans happy. All this by just showing up and saying Hi!

Here’s the link to Myth’s Vlog
Streamer’s Duties

Streamers who made it big, like Myth, don’t have an obligation to do anything really. They can continue doing their regular showing and just stream the games that they are known for. However, streamers like Myth that actually go beyond the call of duty and do something special for their viewers is recognized around the video game world. So this birthday surprise wasn’t something that Myth “had” to do, but what he wanted to do for one of his viewers which shows us that there’s that incredible human element with famous Twitch streamers like Myth (and others like Ninja and DrDisrespect).

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