New Fortnite Explosive Boom Bow Weapon Coming Soon

Fortnite Explosive Bow Weapon
Source: Epic Games

Fortnite update v8.20 brings many new additions with the most promising discovery being a new Boom Bow weapon with explosive arrows.

With major news of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, players have been patiently waiting for new content to be released with update V8.20. Dataminers immediately got to work, sorting through the new files, while finding possible hints of volcano lava expanding to dusty divot and new events for Season 8. The most interesting discovery in the 8.20 files, is the addition of a new explosive bow weapon.

The first hints of the new bow can be seen in the Week 5 loading screen. The pictures clearly shows a different variation then the original crossbow that was vaulted back in season 4.

Fortnite Week 5 Loading Screen Season 8
New Fortnite Explosive Bow and Arrow
Explosive Variation

If we take a close look at the skeleton file of the bow, Explosive is indicated at the front of the weapon. The red tip of the arrow shows an explosive as opposed to a traditional sharp ended arrow.

Fortnite Explosive Bow
Fortnite Explosive Bow


Kaboomey Bow Animation

Fortnite dataminer @lucas7yoshi, demonstrates how the animation of the explosive bow will look. What’s important here is to notice the arming position of the new bow is on a vertical plane like a traditional bow and arrow.

The original Fortnite crossbow attack angle is set on a horizontal plane.

Although there is no confirmation when the new bow will be released, Epic usually releases news on Sunday night. Furthermore, new items usually drop on the following Tuesday. With the new bow discovered with the new files, expect the item to be released shortly.

Considering, as of update 8.20, explosive projectile weapons are at an all time low, with only two explosive weapons active, the RPG and Grenade launcher. Adding a new explosive bow should make the remainder of Season 8 very interesting.

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