New Fortnite Item “Baller” Coming This Week

Fortnite The Baller Item

Fortnite weekly challenge leaks show the use of the “Baller” in different locations. 

Heading into week 3 of Fortnite Season 8, players are patiently waiting for new items to be introduced. With the vaulting of planes, players quickly noticed round docking stations located inside hangers spread across the new map. File leaks also showed some sort of wheel type of vehicle, fans calling it the Hamster Wheel. Finally, a round ball can be seen in the background of Season 8’s loading screen.

Week 3 challenges have been leaked with one of the challenges being: Use The Baller in different matches.

Fortnite Baller First Item

Here is a look at the leaked Fortnite Season 8 week 3 challenges provided by @lucas7yoshi_ Challenge 5 is what mentions the Baller.

A first look at the Fortnite Baller

The first signs of a new Fortnite vehicle can been seen in the background of the Season 8 loading screen. A faded circular item can clear be seen in the background.

Fortnite Baller Seen in Loading Screen

There is no confirmation if this is the exact item or a prototype, however the name seems to be set as the Baller.

Baller Docking Stations
Fortnite Baller Locations
Docking stations found inside empty hangar

The next clear indication of the new item is how most of the Season 7 hangars remained untouched even though most of them are now empty. However, circular pods can be located inside the hangars, proving they will be used. By looking at the sides of the stations, a ball would fit and sit perfectly on top of them. Also to note is the height of the doors, indicating what size the ballers will be. They will need to be able to easily roll out from an open door. This also proves the Baller should not be much bigger then a quadcrasher.

If the Week 3 Challenge leaks prove correct, the Baller should be in the game by Thursday, just in time for the week 3 challenges.

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