New Fortnite Trick to Get Inside Someones 1×1

New Fortnite Trick to Get Inside 1x1
Source: Twitter

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 is going strong, and players are continuing to stumble upon new tricks. Here’s a new trick to get into someones 1×1.

New Fortnite Trick

Fortnite Battle Royale is known for its little tricks. In a game this popular, players are bound to find some tricks and use them to their advantage. But to be honest, Epic Games finds a way to fix these issues and little glitches that can be used for advantage. Fortnite as a game was made on structures. There are tiles in the game and these tiles are what we call 1×1. One of the most used techniques in Fortnite is to build a 1×1 and use it effectively. The reason behind this is simple; a 1×1 cannot be destroyed from the base and players who can edit their build efficiently can use this to their advantage. But what if there was a way to surpass the 1×1?

One Twitter user by the name of Moqii has found a way to get inside players 1×1 without any problem. The trick is simple. You get close to the 1×1 and shoot the floor and base with a  flintlock pistol. This allows you to destroy the opponent’s wall as well as jump forward and land inside of the build. Let us check out his video on it.

Of course, it does look a little bit unrealistic. However, Moqii claims it works every time even with people with 0 ping. Epic Games might need to make a patch on this problem. Because an opponent entering like that will have an advantage over the player inside no matter what. This trick can be used extremely effectively by players and it is so easy to do every single time.

Of course, how much we will see this in a game? Well, this trick can become extremely useful in a tough situation. Epic Games needs to address this sooner rather than later.


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