New Fortnite World Cup Record Set With 41 Kills In a Single Match

Derox and Itemm Set World Record With 41 Kills Fortnite World Cup
Source: Epic Games

There’s a new world record in the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers week 8. Duos, Itemm and Derox, had 41 kills in a single match.

New Fortnite World Cup Record

Fortnite World Cup is the most anticipated tournament of the year. Players have been playing months to qualify for the most prestigious tournament in all of Fornite. Qualifying for the Fortnite World cup isn’t an easy task as even some of the best players in the world have not been able to qualify yet. However, there are still several weeks until the end of the ‘Qualifying Sessions’. This means there is still a chance for players to get through at the moment, but the clock is ticking.  As weeks pass by, it is harder to qualify which is why many streamers have been dedicating their entire weekend to play the game from morning till night. Well, for one duo, it has paid off in another sense. Derox and Itemm from Eleven Gaming just destroyed the world record for most kills while trying to qualify for the tournament.

The Qualifiers Week 8

The Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Week 8 started like every other weekend. However, some players had extraordinary games. Derox and Itemm from Eleven Gaming just had one of the best games in their careers. They ended up with an amazing score of 51 points in one session.  Last weeks Qualifying cut was at 65 points. Itemm and Derox had 41 kills in that one session. This was a great result and also the World Record in kills collected in one match.  It’s quite an achievement, considering they are matching up against other semi-pro and pro level players.; 41 kills is an amazing feat. Congratulations for both Derox and Itemm.

The previous World Record was 38 kills and held by Eleven Gaming Members Stompy and Tschiiinken. Well, Eleven gaming has an amazing squad apparently. itemm quickly took to Twitter to announce the new world record.

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