Ninja Learns to Speak French. Makes Sexual Reference. “We’re Learning Some French Today”

Ninja Learns to Speak French. Makes Sexual Reference in Fortnite Battle Royale

Ninja had some fun today, being a guest on the Gotaga show. During one part of the show, Ninja learns to speak French. However, what he says ends up being a sexual reference. See what he said below.

Gotaga Show

Corentin Houssein, also known as Gotaga is a professional Fortnite esports player for Team Vitality. Being from France, Gotaga runs a very successful Twitch stream where he has close to 1.6 million followers. Although most of his followers are from France, he does has recognition in North America and has played against many great North American Fortnite players via free stream.

Playing for Team Vitality, Gotaga has placed fairly well in tournaments, with the teams best finished at the Barriere Esport Tour 2018 where they placed 3rd. When Gotaga is not streaming, he plays Fortnite on his Twitch channel.

However, to chance the atmosphere in his gaming studio, Gotaga invited Ninja to France, to play Fortnite with him side by side. However, it wasn’t just going to be Fotnite all day, Ninja was there to have fun and learn to speak French.


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Ninja Learns to Speak French. Makes Sexual Reference.

During one part of of the stream, Gotaga turned to Ninja who was sitting right next to him and asked him in a serious tone, “What do you want to learn in French“. “Everything” Ninja said. Ninja continued, saying “Tell me I’m better than you”. A fairly simple sentence to say in French, however, Ninja seemed to have a hard time with it.

Gotaga then responded to Ninja, saying the sentence as fast as he could in order to catch Ninja off guard, which he successfully did. Ninja didn’t get one word Gotaga said, in which he repeated himself, but at a slower pace. Gotaga said, “Je suis meilleure que toi.” Ninja tried to repeat the sentence, but needed continued help frm Gotaga. Gotaga then split the sentence up, making Ninja say the first part slowly. But that’s when Ninja said something else. Instead, he made a sexual reference in French, with the equivalent in English being, “I’m coming”.

Everyone started laughing and Ninja asked right away, “What did I just say?”. The other host of the stream then quickly said “No no”, shaking his finger with the “no” gesture. The host told Ninja, “I’m coming, like when you have…” and then he finishes explaining with some hand gestures. Ninja caught on and then smiled at the camera.

“We’re Learning Some French Today!”

When Ninja met Gotaga

The stream was successful, having more than 160k viewers tuning in to watch Ninja and Gotaga. As Gotaga mentioned to Ninja, that Ninja is famous all over France, and everyone knows his name. It was an entertaining stream and Ninja was definitely the life of the party.

Ninja Meets Gotaga Learns French on Twitch

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