Ninja on Apex Legends: “It Got Pretty Stale”

Ninja on Apex Legends It Got Pretty Stale
Source: Ninja Twitch

In one of Ninja’s recent streams, a viewer asked him if he was going to play Apex Legends after the world cup. Here is his response. 

Ninja Wants to focus on the World Cup

A few months back, Ninja was asked why he stopped playing Apex Legends by one of his viewers. As some might remember, Ninja played Apex Legends at the beginning for a bit. He even participated in the first ever Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge with Apex Legends star NRG Dizzy. After that tournament Ninja stopped playing. So his response to the viewer was that he wanted to focus on the Fortnite World Cup that will be happening in a few weeks.

Some fans were saying that Ninja stopped playing Apex because he would be overshadowed by the new star Dizzy. It would be hard to think that the number one streamer in the world would be overshadowed by anyone, especially a newcomer. But a lot of it has to do with the fact that Fortnite is still la creme de la crop. the viewership is over$100k on any given day. During major events, it goes past the 250k mark. So leaving a game with that kind of viewership to a game that barely gets over the 15k mark was a veteran move by Ninja. As well, he gained most of his viewers from Fortnite, so to switch games might cause a loss of subs (perhaps in the hundreds of thousands). It would be unlikely that would ever happen, but Ninja did the right thing by sticking to Fortnite.

Ninja on Apex Legends

Recently, Ninja was streaming Fortnite and was asked by a viewer if he would go back to playing Apex Legends after the World Cup, since he clearly said before the reason he stopped was to focus on the Fortnite World Cup. Here is his response.

Ninja said that he doesn’t think anyone is going to leave Fortnite to play Apex. He did, however, give the game credit, saying it’s “incredible” and that the gunplay/everything about it was good. But he continued, saying that Apex Legends was a missed opportunity. Ninja said that Respawn did not provide fresh new content to keep things exciting. Unlike Fortnite where there’s an update every week and new additions to the game, Apex Legends has been extremely slow to provide updates for the game; last being Season 1 which was a wash.

Ninja went on to say that the game got “pretty stale“. This isn’t something that’s only coming from Ninja. In fact, the entire Apex Legends community has been complaining because of the lack of updates and content in the game. Hopefully, there will be news at E3 about the updates coming to Apex Legends which will add life to the game again. There are many people still behind Apex Legends as it broke records and built a huge user base in the first month (50 million users).

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