Ninja on Loss of Subs

Ninja on Loss of Subs Fortnite Battle Royale Lossing Followers Esports
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Ninja on Loss of Subs

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja is apparently losing subs. Ninja who has single-handedly pushed streaming to a different level, being the biggest streamer on is showing signs of loss in popularity. On Ninja’s Youtube account, he has over 20 million subscribers which is unheard of in the video game world.

Ninja’s Popularity

It seemed that Ninja’s popularity has only been increasing. He was recently on the Ellen Degeneres show, broke the record of live viewership with an amazing number 667.700 at Ninja Vegas 2018., and now he’s suppose to be featured in ESPN magazine. He even hosted a game with Drake, Travis Scott, and some other celebrities. For crying out louad, Ninja is even doing his own music album (collaboration) called Ninjawerks!


Ninja is Losing Subs. Time to Look at the Numbers

With all this talk about Ninja’s popularity increasing, for some reason he’s losing subscribers across the board.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Ninja on Loss of Subs Fortnite Battle Royale Lossing Followers Esports Live Stream Twitch
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Ninja lost more than 30% of his subscribers on Twitch, dropping to below 40.000 subs. His average viewers dropped to 45000 mark. These are still amazing numbers nonetheless,  and to be honest most streamers cannot even dream of having such numbers. Could these drops in numbers be in connection with Fortnite losing a little bit of popularity in the last few months. Although it’s still by far the strongest game on the market, users playing the game have decreased.

Ninja’s Response

As most people started pointing out, Ninja is losing subs. So when the topic of the day is negative about you, a response has to be made. And a response is what Ninja gave on his stream today.

Some of his followers pointed out the reason was that he earns too much money and this created some disconnect between him and his followers. He compared this interestingly with the celebrity he played with, Drake. Ninja was saying:

“Drake has been doing albums almost for like 10 years if not more are people just going to stop buying his album and listening to his music because he makes too much?”

Ninja may be losing subs and maybe Fortnite is losing its mojo, but he is still an amazing streamer with a strong audience. His followers are hardcore players on Fortnite. He also single-handedly changed the gaming industry and streaming world with Fortnite.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news.

Clip of Ninja responding to his subscribers:

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