Ninja Performs Hilarious Baller Trick

Fortnite Baller trick
Source: Epic / Ninja Twitch

The new Fortnite Baller vehicle has officially arrived as players are getting creative performing different Baller stunts.

Ninja is back home and streaming Fortnite. He arrives just in time for the newest Fortnite vehicle introduced in Season 8. Epic really nailed the new vehicle as players of all calibers are getting very creative with the new item. On his recent stream, Ninja and his squad test out the Baller’s limits by performing a hilarious stunt.

Fortnite Baller trick
Fortnite Vehicle For Season 8
Source: epic

Because the Baller takes no fall damage, combined with a grapple, players seem to be using them as a leisure item more then a rotation vehicle. They are mostly spread out at the extremities of the map, so players have a chance to test out new tricks and stunts.

Ninja fresh from his trip in Europe, paired with his usual suspect, Tim, DrLupo and Fear, decide to push the Baller to new limits.

The stunt requires a cannon placed in an open area and at least one other player. In Ninja’s case, they were 4 players, with three of them inside Ballers. All players inside the Baller grapple onto a single player. The player then mounts into a cannon and fires himself out of it with maximum height. The conclusion is pretty epic as all players chained to the player will also be projected into the air.

With no fall damage, the Baller will land safely no matter what height its dropped from. The same can be used for Volcano geysers. Here is a clip of the squad performing the stunt.

There is no doubt that the Ballers bring a different element to Fortnite as Ninja was very fast to tweet about his game play.

Baller In competitve play

Although at first glimpse the new vehicle is seen mainly for entertainment, it will be interesting to see how the Pro players will utilize it. With Fortnite World Cup qualifying right around the corner, there is no doubt the Baller will have an impact. How and when it will be used by the pros will be interesting to see.

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