Ninja vs Tfue Double POV – Ninja Claims Hacker

ninja vs tfue called hacker after 1v1
source: ninja twitter/ tfue twitter

Ninja and Tfue, two of the biggest names in the Fortnite, meet for a 1v1 in the oddest of ways

Fortnite Battle Royale, the most popular game in the world, with over a million fans tuning into Twitch streams daily. When asking a Fortnite OG who took Fortnite to the next level, the answer would be Ninja. However, If you ask who is the current star of Fortnite, the answer can be Tfue. The names are so iconic to Fortnite, they are considered demi-gods by their fanbase. However, what happens when both meet in a game without each other knowing?

The Scenerio

Tfue and Ninja both live streaming in a squad match, Tfue playing solo, Ninja paired with FearITself, Hysteria and Victory is Back.

Someone wipes out 2 of Ninja’s teammates and downs FearITself on the outskirts of Salty Springs. Ninja sees his enemy finish off FearITself, takes a quick snipe at him and pushes to a Port-A-Fortress to engage in battle. As Ninja starts climbing he gets beamed twice from the enemy and is left with 14hp. He notices ballons being deployed under him and quickly builds cover above before shots and dynamite begin to rain down on him. He ends up connecting a shot for small damage and decides to escape with a bounce pad but gets clipped for 4 more hp before landing and pulling out his sniper riffle. To his surprise his opponent releases all his ballons and falls to their death.

Tfue, finishes off FearITself and is immediately shot at with a sniper gun. With 75HP and no shields, he quickly buils a semi and sees his shooter climbing a ramp to the port-a-fortress. He connects 2 Scar shots and knows the player is weak. He pushes to the port-a-fortress and pops 3 balloons to get his high ground. As he begins to lift he is tagged and his HP drops to 28. At this point, Tfue reaches max altitude with his balloons and begins to release them one by one. Knowing his fate is inevitable, he decides to free fall and take one last shot mid air hoping to kill his opponent before he hits the ground.


Here is a look of how both Tfue and Ninja met with both players pov. Note: Ninja audio is disabled for copyright

Ninja POV

Tfue POV

Hacker Claims

Once Tfue falls to his death, Ninja goes on to say he will be checking out the theater after the game and file a hacker report because of shots not missing. However, when watching both POV, there clearly is nothing abnormal about Tfue’s play. It is obvious once Ninja finds out, via his chat, that his enemy was Tfue, that no hacking was in play. To Ninja’s defense, there has been a recent epidemic of hacking in the game and having a single player nearly wipe out a whole squad is something Ninja does not see every day. This goes to show what type of presence Tfue has when he is encountered unexpectedly. Here is the clip of Ninja commenting on Tfue after the game.

This adds to the Tfue vs Ninja drama because it’s awesome when streamers meet each other in public matches without being aware who they are. The first major 1v1 in Fortnite between Tfue and Ninja goes back to season 3. Here is a clip of the Tfue vs ninja

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