Ninja Wants To Play As One Of The Avengers. Asks Why Epic Didn’t Allow It.

Ninja Wants To Play As One Of The Avengers. Asks Why Epic Didn't Allow It.

Avengers Endgame has finally been released in theatres. While people are asking questions about the movie, Ninja is asking questions why he can’t play as one of the Avengers in Fortnite.

Thanos Was in Fortnite

Last year, players of Fortnite Battle Royale had the chance to play as Thanos. It was a great Fortnite event that Epic Games made happen. Not only did their user base increase because of this great idea, but the game was incredibly fun. Imagine the idea of playing one of the biggest super villains in comic books, adding that to the battle royale scene. Well, that was exactly what happened in Fortnite. You could play Thanos by two ways; either you were picked randomly at the beginning of the match, or you would have to kill Thanos in-game to become him. Players still talk about that Fortnite event till this day, call it one of the more exciting moments in the games history.

Ninja Wonders Why No One Could Play As One of The Avengers

During Ninja’s recent Fortnite Battle Royale stream, everyone was talking about the new Marvel movie Avengers Endgame that was released in theaters today. However, Ninja was talking about another topic relating to the new movie. This is what Ninja had to say.

Ninja started off saying he was curious why Epic Games won’t let any Fortnite players play as a superhero. Fortnite recently released additional abilities today that are used in Avengers Endgame. Players can utilize certain powers that the Superheros use in the movie. However, that’s the only thing players can use. Ninja brought up an interesting question which no one could really answer, except for Epic Games. He went on saying that if Epic Games was able to put Thanos in the game, why weren’t they able to put any other superhero?

We believe it has to do with licensing. This is a backend topic that is seen within the company itself, and it’s never made public. All users see is the end product of negotiations, for example, Thanos put in the game. Perhaps Epic Games were only allowed to license one character from the movie, in which the only character that made sense would be Thanos as integration would be much more flawless; which it was. Essentially there was “one bad guy” in the game, and everyone would try to eliminate him, then pick up his powers.

If Epic Games put Ironman in the game, it would have been a little awkward eliminating one of the “good guys”. Although that’s probably no the reason they choose Thanos, it can get a little confusing with licensing as one of the main managers at Treyarch, David Vonderhaar mentioned when talking about adding weapons and vehicles in a game. It’s not that simple and there’s also a business case that needs to be put on the table. Whatever the case is, all Fortnite Battle Royale players can do is enjoy the superhero abilities and have fun with that.

Ninja Wants to be a Superhero from Avengers Endgame Crossover

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