Ninja Youtube Channel – How he did it and can he be caught

Can tfue catch ninja on youtube

Ninja hits 21 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel, exactly when his channel exploded and can any other Fortnite streamer ever catch him?

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the most famous Fortnite streamer in the world. His name is so big that you can’t talk about Fortnite without having him in a conversation.

Ninja ‘s Youtube channel hit 21 million subscribers with over 1,660,950,778 reproductions. Ninja is by far the king of all Fortnite Youtube channels and has a top 100 subscriber count for all Youtube channels in the world.


In terms of popularity there is no doubt that Ninja is on top of the world and the gap between other Fortnite streamers is not really close.

Some popular streamers based on Youtube subscribers.

  1. Ninja                      21,020,803    subscribers
  2. Tfue                           8,237,128    subscribers
  3. Myth                         4,223,078    subscribers
  4. Nick Eh 30              4,004,119    subscribers
  5. Pokimane                3,129,634    subscribers

Starting his channel on November 10th of 2001, the 27 year old professional player has also become the first streamer on twitch to gain 10 Million followers. He started his streaming career as a Halo pro player and then made the move to Fortnite mid 2017.

How Ninja’s Youtube channel exploded

Everyone hears and reads about how Ninja’s stream with Drake is what pushed his name to the next level. All Twitch fans remember the date of March 14 2018, when Ninja and Drake played together.


“I am 99.9% sure we are about to break Twitch” – Ninja

The Drake stream, helped Ninja gain 172,000 Youtube subscribers in a 24hour span, his highest to date. On January 1st 2018 Ninja’s Youtube Channel had a total of 400,000 subscribers. By April 1st 2018 that number jumped to 6.85 million. Over 6 million subscribers in exactly three months. May 1st 2018, Ninja subscriber count sat just under 10 million. His channel was growing at an average pace never seen before in the gaming niche.

Ninja hit 15 million subs by mid July 2018 and exactly six months later, Ninja reaches and tweets about hitting 21 million subs on January 15th 2019.

Can Ninja ‘s Youtube Channel ever be caught?

Ninja peaked at the perfect time, Fortnite was exploding, he was a great player, very entertaining and had celebrity backings. However, there is only so much growing one can achieve. As more Fortnite streamers surfaced, his growth slowed down and his daily subscriber count evened out. This is clearly noticeable with his 21 million subscriber milestone. It took Ninja’s Youtube channel an unbelievable 4 months to hit it’s first 10 million subs, from January 1st 2018 to May 2018. However, it took  a little  under 8 months for his channel to gain it’s next 11 million subs, from May 2018 to Jan 15th 2019.

There is only so many subs an individual will achieve before slowing down. At this point, pretty much everyone on earth who plays Fortnite knows about Ninja. Either someone is a fan of his and have already subscribed or someone prefers to follow other streamers instead. Again, this goes back to early 2018 when many of the popular Fortnite faces had not yet hit the scene. Youtube was flooded with Ninja, Myth and Avxry Fortnite clips. These faces quickly became household names when browsing Fortnite Youtube clips.

Current Stats

Today, popular Fortnite names like Ninja and Nick Eh 30 have a daily average growth of 22,600 and  6,000, a clear sign of slowing down.

*Last 30 Days*


Ninja youtube channel daily subscriber growth

Nick Eh 30

nick eh 30 youtube channel daily subscriber growth
source: socialblade
The Rise of Tfue

tfue youtube channel stats

Popular Fortnite streamer Turner “Not Tfue” Tenney is currently the fastest growing Fortnite streamer on Youtube. Although, Tfue has had issues with Youtube account hacking, his channel sits at over 8 million subscribers. Once Tfue’s account problems were settled, his Youtube channel had 1 million subscribers by June 1st 2018. The channel hit 4.5 millions subscribers by October 1 2018. Tfue hit the 8 million subscriber mark in early January 2019 a remarkable 3.5 million new subs in a little over three months. Almost 1 million more subscribers then Ninja in the exact same time frame. As more Fortnite streamers grow in popularity it has been a challenge for a Fortnite streamer to incline in daily subs. Tfue is currently averaging over 36,000 new subscribers daily, almost 15,000 more then Ninja. While Ninja seems to have hit his plateau, Tfue continues to steadily grow his fan base.

Total Subs October 2018 – January 2019


Ninja youtube daily subscriber growth October to January


Tfue youtube daily subscriber growth October to January


Subscriber Count vs Video Views

As previously stated, the bulk of Ninja’s Youtube channel subs occurred during the peak of Fortnite going viral. The fastest growing months were based around Fortnite Season 3 in February 2018. There was not so much competition or pros to follow. It was easy to sub to Ninja because you were assured of great daily content. However, as more players like Tfue made their Fortnite presence felt, Fortnite fans had more options of players to follow and subscribe to. The following chart is the average daily video views, comparing Ninja and Tfue over the past 30 days.

 Daily Video View Average 30 days


Ninja youtube monthly video views



Tfue youtube monthly video views
source: socialblade

The totals show what old subs vs new subs look like. Ninja’s Youtube channel has over 21 million subs compared to Tfue’s 8 million, yet Tfue has more daily views on his videos. This concludes that many earlier subs no longer show frequent interest towards Ninja’s youtube channel. This can also be the result of Tfue’s videos getting more exposure as featured or homepage topics to viewers who are not subscribed to his channel. Watch time is the most important factor for a youtube video to be featured and shown more frequently.

As stats in this article have shown, Ninja is currently the Fortnite Youtube king but Tfue is making a charge and gaining ground. His views are higher then Ninja and his sub growth is moving faster. The only thing that can stall Tfue is time. Did he miss the boat in early 2018 when subscribers were much easier to gain? A high Youtube channel subscriber count is good for the ego, but total video views is what pays the bills. It will be interesting to see if Tfue can, or will ever catch Ninja.

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