Ninja’s Comment About TSM Myth Comes Back to Haunt Him

Ninja's Comment About TSM Myth Comes Back to Haunt Him

Ninja was playing in the Fortnite World Cup over the weekend, and somehow fell to his death during one of his matches. Ironically, Ninja was teasing TSM Myth in the past about Myth getting eliminated due to fall damage.

Ninja and Myth Beef?

A while ago, Ninja was at Katowice Poland participating in a Fortnite esports event. During the event. Ninja made a comment about TSM Myth falling off the map, referring to when Myth was eliminated from past a past tournament due to fall damage. Myth, who is regarded as one of the best builders in Fortnite was teased by Ninja for his fall damage. Here;s the clip from that tournament.

It was that moment that Ninja was teasing Myth. Many fans were contemplating if Ninja was just poking fun at Myth, or actually taking some jabs, however, Ninja’s a stand-up guy and doesn’t look to be the instigator.

However, some fans we’re confused by this comment by Ninja.

Ninja said, “Myth was there obviously as well, you know, he fell off a lot. Shoutout to my Myth, sorry man”. Some saw this as Ninja taking a jab at TSM Myth for no reason. Other fans were suggesting there was some politics happening in the back end that people weren’t aware of. However, this was all speculation and things are back to normal. Or are they?

The Ghost of TSM Myth Haunting Ninja

While Ninja was playing a match in the Fortnite World Cup qualifier, he was in a similar situation to where TimTheTatman dies off of Polar Peak. During the live stream, DrLupo was commentating, watching through Ninja’s screen. Ninja was in the area “Lazy Lagoon” which is known for it’s massive cliff. Watch what happened next.

The storm was closing in and Ninja had to make a move to get closer to the middle of the circle. As he was moving towards the cliff, he fell down. Ninja didn’t realize that there wasn’t a platform over the cliff and that he was falling to his death. Desperately, Ninja was trying to connect to the side with his building material but nothing gave. Ninja died and was placed 19th.


As he died, DrLupo can be heard saying “oohhh” and in disbelief. Ninja eliminated himself and was eliminated from the Fortnite World Cup qualifier match. Oddly enough, the same thing happened to TimTheTatman earlier, which DrLupo referenced. He also referenced “TSM Myth”, which seems to be ironic given that Ninja was teasing Myth for his fall damage elimination. Is this sweet revenge for Myth?

Ninja Eliminates Himself at Fortnite World Cup Qualifier TSM Myth Laugh
Source: Twitch

Does he really care anymore about the jokes from Ninja? It will be interesting if TSM Myth has a comment and says the same thing to Ninja now, since he fell to his death at a Fortnite Esports tournament.

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