Nixxxay TV Takes Over Most Fortnite Kills, Passes 110K

Nixxxay TV most fortnite kills
Source: Twitch Nixxxay TV / Epic Games

Twitch Streamer Nixxxay TV now leads all Fortnite players in total kills. 

One of the biggest Fortnite stories, in early 2019, was certainly the race to 100,000 kills. It came down to Ninja and HighDistortion on who would be the first to hit the impressive milestone.

On January 21st 2019, HighDistortion became the first Fortnite player ever to get to 100,000 kills. HighDistortion was even acknowledged by Epic Games Co-founder, Mark Rein:

Apex Legends

Exactly two weeks later, on February 4th 2019, Apex Legends hit mainstream and everything changed. Popular Fortnite streamers started to split time in between Apex Legends and Fortnite, streaming less and less of Fortnite. HighDistortion is one of those streamers who split his grind between both games. For the first time in over year, it opened up the possibility for other Fortnite players to catch the kill leader.

nixxxay TV

With many players now splitting their time with Apex Legends, nixxxay TV jumped into the Fortnite kill lead at over 110,000. Taking the lead is one thing, but holding it will be the true challenge. With the recent release of Season 8, players are back on their grind reverting back to Fortnite. It will be highly unlikely that Ninja will ever contend for the lead again and HighDistortion currently trails by over 7,000 kills. Chances are there will never be another big name Fortnite streamer on top of the Fortnite leaderboards.

Kills Chap and Vivid

Nixxxay hosts a smaller Twitch channel with close to 6,000 followers, considered more of a PG channel (viewer discretion is advised). One of his highlights was his killing of both Liquid teammates, Chap and Vivid in the same game.

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