Fortnite Swag from E3 [Official]

Official Fortnite Swag from E3 Epic PC Gaming Pick Axe Bottle Pin
Official Fortnite Swag from E3

Last week we showcased this really cool Fortnite Party Royale VIP Gift Bag that VIP guests received at the after show. It came with a bunch of cool collectibles like one-off t-shirts, limited passes, pins and some funky socks! Well there’s seems to be some more Official Fortnite Swag from E3 and I’m totally eyeing this auction.


Seller vivalababydoll has official Fortnite Swag from E3 and there’s a lot in this bundle. Include in the lot are 5 plastic fortnite cups,  2 Pick axe  and 3 exclusive pin’s. Now to take note, the three pins are different than the Fornite pins in the Fortnite Party Royale gift bag so definitely some pin-hunting that will have to go on here to collect the entire set.

There’s a buy-it-now price of $65 or best offer. If you’re interested hit the seller up here!

Game Life Findings:

Nintendo DS Promotion Mannequin Hand Touching is Good – his item was sent out as a promotion for the Nintendo DS, under their “Touching is Good” campaign.
Item is in excellent condition. It’s been sitting in a plastic bin, dust free, from a smoke free home for the past 7 years.
Nintendo Instant Redemption Certificate 1991 & Settlement Letter – This is an original $5 coupon that Nintendo issued to consumers in 1991 as part of its landmark antitrust settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. This listing includes the original certificate, the original Nintendo stationery envelope in which the certificate was mailed and a letter from the Illinois Attorney General explaining the settlement.
Dot Mario Cushion 2011 Club Nintendo Platnium Award New in Package! – I’ve always wanted one of these. They look so cool, yet comfortable. It’s official from Club Nintendo.
History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack White Edition (2011) Brand New CD – Brand new, factory sealed copy of History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack White Edition which was released in Japan as a preorder bonus for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 renditions of the Sonic Generations game.

Other items

Official Nintendo LABO Snack Box Exclusive!! From LABO Event – Crazy that someone would charge 50x the price of the actual item just because it was from a “Nintendo event” lol. It’s literally m&m’s in there. Link
PlayStation and Xbox Display Case Trays x 8 – For all you retail owners :).
Lot 2 Vintage AJ Renzi Plastic 1983 Arcade Blow Mold Qbert Red Poodle Banks – For the very retro gamer.
Pac-Man Velvet Poster Authentic Vintage Near Mint Promo Atari RARE – Very odd velvet poster. Velvet poster? Man that screams 80’s. Seller is asking $900. You really need to love Pac-man to spend that much.
Overwatch Anime Expo autographed magazine 2017 – Autographed by voice actors from overwatch and senior writer/designer Michael Chu. NINTENDO WII PUNCH OUT HEAVYWEIGHT CONTENDER KIT PROMO SET SHORTS KING HIPPO NIB – Wow, this one is actually cheao. Seen these sell for $299. IT’s brand new.

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