Ricegum Trolls Underage Girl On Livestream

RiceGum trolls underage girl on twitch
source: ricegum insta

While streaming Fortnite and calling girls, Ricegum does not realize he is trolling an underage girl with some inappropriate questions.

Over the past month, Youtube star Ricegum, has began streaming on Twitch. Only this time it’s not just about him playing video games. He plays Fortnite while calling pretty girls and models.

This all started at the end of November when Ricegum started calling girls while asking, sometimes provocative  questions while live streaming on Twitch. The streams are pretty much uncensored, with Ricegum having text to speech enabled for fan donations. This is causing funny, but sometimes vulgar responses, usually pointing to the girl Ricegum is speaking with. The trolling is pretty much harmless most of the time as the girls never seem offended.

Underage Girl

During Ricegum’s most recent stream, he contacts a girl and starts with the typical questions, where do you work, how much do you get paid…

Ricegum them moves into the chat questions. He advises the girls that he will read his chat for questions they have. It is up to the girl if she wishes to respond.

Ricegum mentions to this specific girl that he can get her a job that pays better then her current employment.

He asks what type of skills she is good at and then pops the question about her age. Things change immediately when Ricegum finds out she is not 18. Here is a clip of how it went down:

Once Ricegum finds out that she is underage, he immediately mentions that he won’t be able to get her a job until she is of legal age: “In A Year”

Text to Speech comment donations start pouring in while his viewers spam his chat with the word “FBI”. This viewer had by far the funniest donation comment:


Twitch Conduct Code

Twitch has a pretty strict policy when it comes to content creation. It has no problems suspending or banning streamers if they feel they have violated conditions. At one point during Ricegum’s stream, he had 12,000 live viewers, trailing only TimTheTatMan in the Fortnite category. Fans seem to dig the entertainment but Rice will need to simmer it down to avoid the ban hammer.

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