Salute Deadpool’s Pants in Fortnite

Salute Deadpool Fortnite Pants in Challenge
  • Players need to first Deadpools pants location and salute it in order to complete the deadpool challenges for week 9. Here’s how to find deadpools pants.

Fortnite Deadpool Pants Location

Fortnite ‘s second deadpool challenge requires players to salute deadpool’s pants at a particular location. In order to start this challenge, players need to complete the first part which is finding his shorts in the main menu on Midas’ chair in the AGENT room. Once you’ve found that, you can proceed with the second challenge to find deadpool’s pants. Additionally, Fortnite came out with their challenges yesterday and it was all about the new Midas Mission challenges which comes after the Skye Agent challenges from prior weeks. Players had to find Midas’ Golden Llama yesterday as well as carry a giant teddy beat a Risky Reels.

In today’s Deadpools challenge you need to find the deadpool’s shorts and then try to find his pants on the Fortnite map so you can salute them.

Fortnite Pants Location

Once you’ve collected Deadpool’s shorts, you now need to find his pants on the FN map and salute it. It’s a rather easy challenge to complete and doesn’t require too much time to do it. All you need to do is land at Sweaty Sands which is B-4 on the FN map.

where is deadpools pants in Fortnite

Where is Deadpools Pants in Fortnite?

Once you land at Sweaty Sands, you’ll need to find the building with the umbrellas sitting at the top and glide there. You’ll see Deadpool’s pants hanging on a flag at the very top of the building’s platform. Just jump to the top and crouch down to salute his pants. Once you’re done getting the Fortnite deadpool pants, you can find the rest of the Fortnite challenges which are found here.

Here is a video of  the entire process of finding Deadpool pants location in Fortnite:

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